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Body Shaping Treatment

There are various non-surgical procedure that targets fatty areas and help in eliminating fat. Different procedures are used to break down the excess fat and help you achieve your weight and fat loss goals without undergoing surgery. 

Laser light to target the fat:

The cells targeted cannot withstand high temperatures of the laser source and get killed over time.

Ultrasound waves to melt the fat:

A faster option, the cells are killed immediately and visible results are quick. The shockwaves destroy the cell walls and the released fats are processed by the liver which is naturally eliminated by the body.

Radio frequencies to melt the fat:

This technique targets only abdominal fat.

Sub-zero temperatures to target the fat:

The area targeted is placed between two cold plates and the layers are frozen. The deep-freezing of these cells gradually shrinks away the fat as the cells are killed.

Body sculpting is a much safe option as it does not involve surgery and gives you results that last for a long time. If you are looking for effective weight loss and slimming options, visit Welona Slimming Skin and Hair Clinic, Chennai for professional services.

Can you pinch more than you would like to?

We all have stubborn fat just wont go away. CoolSculpting can help you emiminate your fat in problem areas without surgery and with little to no downtime.


Developed by nenowned Havard University scientists, Dieter Manstein, MD, PhD, and R. Rox Anderson, MD, CoolSculpting technology was born of the observation that some children got dimples due to eating popsicles. That breakthrough was the insight behind Cryolipolysis, the proven science on which CoolSculpting is based. Cryolipolysis is exclusively licensed from Massachusetts General Hospital, a teaching affiliate of Havard Medical School.

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