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Breast Mastopexy is that the name given to the surgery for correction of breast position and firmness without a rise or reduction in size. Breast sagging occurs to varying degrees once a number of pregnancies, or due to variations in body weight can conjointly affect the form of the breast, this becomes evident in 20-forty year age cluster, and firmness of the breast is also lost.
In patients with realistic expectations breast augmentation leads to pleasing outcomes with improved self-confidence post procedure.

Procedure of Breast Lifting

The procedure involves an incision made around the nipple, and then vertically down the breast fold, skin and fat are removed from the lower part of the breast and then the nipple areola and also the breast tissue is moved up to a higher position, and also the skin edges are approximated with sutures. The surgery is performed beneath a general anesthetic and will be done as everyday surgery procedure however you’ll opt to possess an overnight stay in the hospital. The procedure will take up to 1-a pair of hours to perform. Mastopexy might be combined with a small implant to attain fullness or firmness when readjustment of normal tissue alone cannot be sufficient.
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