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Dandruff Treatment in Chennai

Dandruff may be caused due to increased oil production and secretion, and increased numbers of normal skin yeasts. The immune system of every individual also plays a vital role in Dandruff. Poor hygiene and sparse shampooing may also cause Dandruff. The exact cause for dandruff is still not identified.

When should I consult Welona?

  •   Itchy Scalp
  •   White Flakes
  •   Oily Scalp
  •   Facial Skin with Dry Flakes
  •   Facial Rashes over nose and ears

FAQs on Dandruff:

Dandruff is mostly caused by fungus and excess oil in the scalp. If you find white flakes, itchy scalp and too much oil secretion, reach out to a doctor.

A dermatologist uses various tools to identify the nature and cause of dandruff. Taking an expert solution always helps to make the right treatment for the infection.

The primary reason for dandruff is excess oil secretion in the scalp. Not shampooing enough, also leads to dandruff. Symptoms include itchy scalp, white flakes, oily scalp, dried face or rashes over nose and ears.

Yes,It depends on what the doctor has got to say post analyzing your problem.

Itchy scalp is a primary indication that there is dandruff in your hair. These are the initial signs to know that there’s a fungal infection. Reach out to your dermatologist to it diagnosed.

There are various remedies to treat dandruff. The best solution can be prescribed only after a proper analysis of your problem.

Yes, dandruff affects hair growth. When new strands grow from dandruff affected scalp, it lacks proper nourishment and proteins. Your hair will succumb to damage and will be dull and malnourished.

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