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Hair, the confidence you gain - best hair transplant centre in Kilpauk, Chennai

Hair, like skin, is also an external structure that gives someone an appealing look. Someone losing their hair is like they are losing their look, and this takes away the confidence from them. But the good news is that this hair loss can be reversed. Yes, science has given the best solutions where hair loss can be treated with both surgical and non-surgical treatments.

Welona clinic is the best hair transplant centre in Chennai. The hair loss solutions here, are performed with the latest scientific treatments given by well-trained dermatologists and trichologists. The treatments offered are all internationally approved, and the patient is treated with the international protocols.

Hair Transplant In Chennai

Hair Transplant In Chennai

The patient who takes hair transplant treatment at Welona, Chennai is taken up for trichological analysis to know about the hair distribution of the scalp. This analysis would help the attending dermatologist to assess the quality and quantity of hair loss. The patient is then taken up for one to one counselling with the clinical staff explaining the state of hair loss. The patient meets the doctor to know about surgical and non- surgical treatments for hair loss. The thorough background research and clear analysis, rank Welona among the top hair transplant centres in Chennai.

Welona is one of the cost-effective hair transplant clinics in Chennai, as they offer the best treatment done with the best-trained team of experts, in a highly equipped, modernized operation theatre. The procedure is done with the FUE ( follicular unit extraction) technique. The post-surgical care is done with regular follow-ups ensuring patients easy recovery from the surgery. The graft survival is ensured at Welona for better hair growth with regular follow-ups of the patient. Welona, proudly announces the scarless surgery for hair transplant for your better looks, bringing back your confidence.

FAQs on Hair Transplant:

Hair transplant procedure costs depending on the clinic you choose. Various clinics have different methods and equipment. So, the cost varies accordingly. Also, on the number of sessions, one has to take up depending on the intensity of the problem.

In comparison with other treatments for hair, transplant is the permanent solution.

Multiple clinics offer hair transplant treatments. However, Welona stands as one of the top players.

Welona has the best hair care, experts. It is one of the most cost-effective hair transplant clinics in Chennai. Also, we have the most modern types of equipment that will make the process effective.

Hair transplant generally does not have any side-effects or risk. However, there might be some depending on body type. Hence you must consult a trichologist before you decide to get hair transplantation.

The success rate for hair transplant is higher as they work far better than any other hair-loss treatments.

You can expect good results from Welona for hair transplantation. Reach out to our experts for further consultation.

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