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PRP Hair Treatment in Chennai

Hair Loss is something that affects nearly 80% of the human population. Be it early baldness or excessive hair fall, hair loss is a major issue. It affects the self-confidence of many and takes a toll on them psychologically. It is true that people associate hair to beauty and personality. Hair loss might start due to various reasons. In this fast-paced lifestyle, there is not enough time for self-care and preservation. PRP treatment is the most fascinating procedure that uses natural combinations and enhances hair growth. Here at Welona, we offer the best PRP hair loss treatment in Chennai.

PRP Hair Treatment in Chennai

PRP Hair Treatment in Chennai

What is PRP (Platelet-rich plasma)?

Hair loss might be caused due to a wide array of reasons such as stress, unhealthy eating, chemical products, pollution, hormonal imbalance and hereditary. The blood contains the RBC, WBC and platelets that each contribute to various functions in our body. The platelets are part of the cells that contribute to the growth factor. The part of your body that causes the clotting of blood immediately after an injury is the platelets. There is also another interesting part that the platelets play, they also stimulate the hair follicle and help them multiply.


PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) is a natural procedure that involves feeding the hair loss area with concentrated platelet-rich plasma. Read the steps below to know more about the simple procedure:

Step 1: Blood is drawn venous, with careful precautions taken to avoid any damage to the platelets.

Step 2: The blood is then placed in a centrifugation procedure that helps separate the platelet-rich plasma, the platelet-poor plasma and the RBC.

Step 3: The platelet rich plasma alone is then injected into the scalp.

Benefits of PRP (Platelet-rich Plasma)

  •   The treatment is quick and takes a maximum of about an hour to complete.
  •   It is a minimally invasive procedure and the only injection is involved.
  •   It is a natural way to enhance hair growth and gives faster results.
  •   The initial stages of hair loss could be fully recovered using the PRP
  •   It doesn't involve surgery.

FAQs on PRP:

PRP hair treatment cost in Chennai varies from person to person depending about factors such as their previous medical history, age, hair type, amount of hair that they have lost, etc.

It is good to consult the doctor, who would review your existing medical history and also conduct medical examinations to find out if you are an eligible candidate for the procedure.

The procedure is very much tolerable as only small needles are used to inject the platelet-rich plasma.

There is no downtime as such. Few precautions and aftercare might be suggested by your doctor.

Most patients see the difference in 2 to 6 weeks. This depends upon the severity of the condition and various other factors. It is best to consult your hair doctor.

People who are anaemic, with abnormal platelet function, active cancer cannot take PRP. Although it is better to take suggestions from your doctor who might suggest an alternative if you aren't eligible.

The procedure usually takes around 30- 40 minutes to complete. Still, it varies from person to person.

It is an effective non-invasive procedure that takes minimal time and gives a maximum result.

Efficacy, Safety, and Cost:

PRP is an efficient treatment for hair loss in both men and women. It is a safe procedure that not only strengthens your existing hair but also promotes hair growth by 3X. At Welona you can receive high-quality assistance to rightly undergo PRP treatment. Our PRP services are cost-effective, safety-driven and result-focussed. Contact to meet the best dermatologist in town and get a consultation.

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Santhoshkumar Prabakaran

I had hair prp sessions. Its wonderful treatment for me. Now i look so good. My hairs looking nice. Thank u Welona and Staffs😊😊😊

Karthik Choi

As a layman, went to welona for hairloss treatment. Ms.Gayathri clearly understood my needs and explained about the benefits of PRP treatment..As of now, 5sessions got over and I could see amazing result where hairfall is completely reduced. Am very thankful to Dr. Charanya who is patient friendly in nature and the staffs are also very cooperative.

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