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    Introducing Wellness IV Drips

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    The beauty and wellness industry sometimes sounds like a gimmick. With so many treatments and procedures, it becomes challenging to pick the best ones. Also, between our busy and stressful lives, we surely need something practical and fast when it comes to our health and beauty. We turn to supplements and beauty products for getting desired results, but these supposed shortcut methods fail us dramatically.

    Experience the ultimate luxury wellness through IV Drip. To get the edge, you require living a lifestyle without boundaries; IV Drips are a way to go!

    • Customized ingredients to address various skin and health concerns
    • Boosts collagen and hydration in your skin
    • Fights signs of aging
    • Strengthens and improves immune system and metabolism
    • Protects and repairs skin damage
    • 99.9% absorption rate

    Why Welona’s Wellness IV Drips?

    For years, Welona, Slimming, Skin and Hair clinic in Chennai has been striving to offer personalized and customized care for our clients. With the growing demand for faster results in beauty and wellness, first time in Chennai, Welona introduced IV drip for clients.

    • Expert Team of Dermatologists
    • Result-oriented medical procedure
    • Customized and Personalised treatments
    • 100 % Customer Satisfaction

    How to book your appointment?


    Book your appointment in advance by calling us on 044-40114444 or filling out the appointment form


    Consult with our expert dermatologist and understand which drip is best suited for your needs.


    Recharge your wellness and health while your sit back and enjoy your drips.

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