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The anti-aging market is estimated to touch 58 billion U.S dollars by 2026. The phenomenon of looking young and beautiful is seen all across the world. And, because of that, the cosmetic industry is gaining more and more popularity. People invest a considerable sum into buying anti-aging products but get disappointed with the results. It happens because we can only influence certain factors of skin aging and not everything. You can prevent premature aging by making changes to your lifestyle and adapting to good skincare practices. To prevent premature aging, skincare experts in Chennai from Welona recommends following these simple tips: 

10 Ways to Prevent Premature Aging

There are different ways to protect your skin from premature aging. While looking for solutions, the one thing to remember is that it is never too early or never too late to start. That said, the sooner you start, the better. Your skin responds more effectively when you take care of your skin when you are younger. 

Maintain a Routine

You must try and maintain a skin cleansing routine. Remember to wash your face with a mild cleanser and clean water from time to time. Also, ensure that you remove makeup before you hit the sack at night. Give your facial skin some rest and time to breathe. It would be best to start getting into a routine as early as 18 years to prevent skin damage and maintain youthfulness for a longer time.  

Pick the Right Face Wash

When you wash your face from time to time, it is essential to pick a suitable face wash. It has to be gentle and soft on your face. Choose a face wash that is paraben and sulfate-free with no chemicals. Do a test of the cream on your hand before using it on the face. Also, when you clean your face, ensure you are gentle and not being rough with it. A light rubbing in a circular motion can help the skin feel fresh and alive.  

Exfoliate the Skin

Your skin sheds dead cells often. Therefore, it has to be cleansed from time to time. It is recommended that you use a mild scrub at least once every week to exfoliate your skin and remove the dead skin. Having dead skin layers can make your skin look dull, unhealthy, and lifeless; this is where exfoliation helps.  

Eat Healthily 

Your body responds to what you eat, which is no different when it comes to your skin. Try and avoid junk food and foods that are high in sugar. You should try and include food that is rich in protein to prevent early aging. Getting a high Vitamin C diet also can help your skin look healthy and youthful. Include beans, fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, and so on in your diet.  

Use Sun Protection

Discoloration, hyperpigmentation, and age spots of the skin are an issue that is the outcome of too much exposure to the sun. You must protect your skin with sunscreen. It is preferred that you use an SPF 30 or higher to protect your skin. Also, ensure that you select the suitable cream that suits your skin type. 

Avoid Smoking and Drinking Alcohol

Both smoking and drinking alcohol are not very friendly to the skin. Alcohol tends to dehydrate your skin, and therefore, your skin ages faster. So, drink a lot of water and cut down on the alcohol. Smoking increases the wrinkles on your skin and darkens your lips. It makes your skin lose the elasticity and protein that is needed to maintain youthfulness. 

Use Healing Creams

Use good creams that protect your skin from aging. Many anti-aging creams help to prevent premature aging. These creams help to keep your skin hydrated and smooths your skin as well. Make sure you use the products prescribed by a trusted dermatologist in Chennai for promising results.  

Use Less Skin Care Products

Skincare products may make you look and feel pretty, temporarily. However, in the long run, they do more damage to the skin than help. Try and avoid heavy makeup, and if you have to, pick the right kinds that are soft on the skin. More importantly, ensure that you take the time to remove it and let your skin breathe. Also, immediately stop using products that irritate your skin. Skin Irritation can make your skin look older.   

Consider Medication

As you age, your skin can lose collagen. Collagen helps keep your skin healthy and smooth. It helps avoid skin from sagging too. Your dermatologist may prescribe Vitamin A to replace the lost collagen from your skin. Consult a good dermatologist who can suggest the right kind of creams and medicines to use. It includes night creams, anti-aging creams, and more. 

Anti-aging Treatment

Some of the best dermatologists in Chennai can give you consultation on the best anti-aging treatment available. After doing everything right and you still see age spots and wrinkles, you should consider getting wrinkle removal and fillers for better results. Many treatments, including chemical peels, ultrasound energy devices, dermabrasion, laser resurfacing, and more, can reverse the signs of aging.  

There are many other things that you can do to help you prevent premature aging and protect your skin from it. One of the critical things to do is take care of your skin and be good for your body. Keep yourself hydrated, and avoid tanning and other such activities. Tanning exposes your body explicitly to harmful UV rays. So, when you want your skin to feel young and supple, remember to do the right thing, and remember to start as early as you can. 

Best Clinic for Anti-aging Treatment in Chennai

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