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In the field of medicine, there are plenty of avenues and disciplines, each catering to a specific aspect of the human body. These fields are distinct for the most part, but at times, the lines tend to blur between specific fields. 

For example, when you hear the term dermatology treatment, you’re probably picturing cures to a nasty rash, or a skin infection. However, did you know that dermatologists also deal with problems in the nails? This is an example of how confusion can arise when it comes to consulting with a specialist for your medical problems.

The Basics

Let’s begin by establishing clear-cut boundaries between the two disciplines. 

  • A hair care specialist (also known as a trichologist), is exactly that. He (or she) is a medical professional that specifically deals with issues related to hair. Most people usually only consult a trichologist when they have severe hair loss issues, such as pattern baldness in men.

To be clear, there is a certain area where both the fields overlap. Dermatology treatment also includes provisions for hair treatment, and dermatologists have some level of expertise in this field, across clinics in India. After all, hair is rooted in the skin, and more often than not, the problem lies within the skin, such as dandruff. Beyond that narrow area of similarity, however, the two disciplines are distinct and offer unique treatments, when it comes to how they approach hair problems.

To give you a better idea of the treatment methods for hair loss offered by each individual field, we’ll list them out sequentially for you. We’ll also give you a guide on when to consult whom, specifically.


  • Dermatology treatment for hair loss usually involves getting to the root of the issue, quite literally. 
  • Dermatopathology is the area that specializes in the diagnosis of the causal agents behind a large range of skin issues. This includes hair problems that arise due to scalp infections and other causes. 
  • A dermatologist will usually be consulted when any major surgical technique is to be performed involving hair loss. This is to ensure that the underlying skin is not affected by the surgical procedure being performed.
  • Any inflammatory disorders that arise along with hair loss will also be supervised by a dermatologist.
  • Dermatologists also get involved when there is an autoimmune cause behind the hair loss. Dermatology treatment across reputed clinics like Welona includes treatment for hair problems like alopecia areata, which is caused due to autoimmune disorders.

In short, a dermatologist is to be consulted when you have problems that extend beyond just your hair thinning or balding. If your scalp or any other region of your skin is affected, you should consult with a dermatologist.


  • A trichologist essentially deals with every physiological aspect of hair as a whole.
  • If your hair is losing its texture or sheen, a trichologist can help you out.
  • Haircare specialists are experts at formulating a perfect plan to keep your hair healthy from a dietary perspective.
  • Trichology clinics are also well-equipped to address issues regarding the biology and chemistry of the hair and its surrounding environment.
  • To some degree, trichologists are also qualified to treat problems in the scalp.

In short, a hair care specialist is the perfect person to approach if you have issues that are localized to your hair alone. They can assist you in elevating the overall quality of your hair and giving it a new lease of life. At times, they also consult with dermatologists to solve complex issues regarding hair treatment.


To summarise, dermatology treatment and hair care treatment are very similar in a particular aspect of what they treat, namely hair issues. However, there are subtle differences between the two in terms of how they approach treatment, that distinctly demarcates the methods applied. Your choice should be made after thorough consideration and analysis of the problem at hand. Welona offers effective solutions for a wide variety of skin and hair problems, through our qualified team of specialists. Get in touch with us to know more.