Hair Regrowth: GFC

[Growth Factor Concentration Therapy]

Growth Factor Therapy, a revolutionary approach to hair treatment that goes beyond conventional solutions.

The treatment itself is recognised for being even more potent than PRP Treatments. It works by utilizing your unique factors and proteins that are retrieved from your blood.

In this process, the concentration of good proteins is kept high, to make sure that the recovery of hair growth is rapid. This therapy is meticulously designed to stimulate and enhance natural hair growth, addressing a myriad of concerns from thinning strands to lackluster locks.

Step by Step Procedure

Step: 1

Blood Collection:

Blood is extracted with precision technique to make sure there’s a good amount of platelets present.

Step: 2


Your Platelets are then concentrated by a factor of 5, i.e. 5x.

This is done because Concentrated platelets have high levels of growth factors.

Step: 3


These growth factors are then re-injected into balding areas. This results in slowing hair loss & stimulates new hair growth.

With proper technique, more than 88% of cases are successful.

Benefits of GFC

[Growth Factor Concentration Therapy]

Enhanced Confidence

Regain confidence with a fuller head of hair

Youthful Appearance

Achieve a more youthful and vibrant look

Permanent Solution

Enjoy a lasting solution for hair loss concerns with proper maintenance

Low Maintenance

Requires minimal ongoing care for convenience

Natural Results

Experience natural-looking hair regrowth

Improved Self-Esteem

Boost self-esteem with a rejuvenated appearance


Long-term affordability compared to ongoing treatments

Free Consultation

Talk to our experts & begin your transformation today

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Is Growth Factor Treatment better than PRP?

GFC Treatment does use more potent growth factors in the process of hair treatment, with results in better recovery and results.

Is GFC Treatment Costly?

Being a process that uses more protein-rich injections to speed up the hair recovery process, GFC is costlier than PRP Treatment.

How many Sessions does this treatment take?

For optimal results, it's recommended to undergo three GFC sessions spaced four to six weeks apart. Following this initial course, a single maintenance treatment every six to twelve months is advised to sustain the benefits.

How do I get more details about this Treatment?

You can book a consultation with our team, where all of your queries can be answered face to face.

Does pregnancy affect hair loss?

Certainly, pregnancy commonly triggers significant hair loss in women. The fluctuation of hormones, influenced by pregnancy, can have both positive and negative effects on hair growth.