Hair Loss Through Sweating
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We all know exercise is an effective way to keep ourselves healthy. It improves our metabolism, keeps our weight in check, and helps us sleep better. Exercising also works on our circulatory system leading to clear skin and healthy hair. That’s why many people disagree with the fact that there’s a link between fitness and hair loss. However, exercise and hair are related, and it’s through sweat. 

Does sweating cause hair loss? 

Yes, working out typically causes sweating, and sweat can damage your hair. The salt content in sweat can make your hair dull and dry, which leads to hair fall. Sweat buildup on the scalp can also increase the chances of fungal and bacterial infections causing further dryness for your hair. Excessive sweating on your scalp can even hinder the growth of new hair and can result in premature greying. If you don’t take care of your scalp on a regular basis, your hair follicles will stop ‘breathing’, making your scalp itchy. 

Apart from exercising, you could sweat when you are in a humid place. Sauna, steam or hot water baths are other obvious reasons for sweat, all of which might cause hair fall. Fortunately, there are effective ways to protect your hair from damage.

10 Ways to Prevent Hair Damage Caused by Sweating:

Rinse After Workout – It is advisable to wash off your hair with warm water after every strenuous workout session. Using mild pH balanced shampoo once every few days will protect the natural oils of your hair. However, if you aren’t very sweaty on a particular day, you probably can avoid washing/rinsing your hair.

Adopt Different Hairstyles – While top knots and high ponytails are what we think of to keep our exercise undisturbed by the hair, experts believe you must not strain the same section of your hair’s roots repeatedly. Trying different hairstyles such as two braids, plaits, buns, etc will keep root straining issue at bay and will make you look stylish every day.  

Pick Your Shampoo And Conditioner Wisely – Dry shampoos are the best take after a workout session. Massage the roots of your hair, preferably with cold to warm water. It will clear the pores and remove the dirt from your head. Don’t forget to condition your hair, because it will provide a layer of protection for the next workout session. 

Massage using Natural Ingredients – Massaging your scalp using natural ingredients such as apple cider vinegar, lemon juice or cooling oils to will restore the pH balance of your scalp

Wear a headband: Headbands are a useful fitness accessory. It helps keep the hair away from the face and absorb the sweat around the hairline. 

Headcover during sauna or steam: Ensure that as much as this may be relaxing to the body to sweat, your hair may respond differently. So cover your hair to protect it while taking a sauna, steam or hot water bath. 

Eat healthily: There is no substitute for eating a healthy meal to reduce hair fall, sweat or no sweat. Add a lot of fruits and vegetables to your diet. Not only does it make you healthier, but it also makes your hair healthier. 

Drink sufficient water – Staying hydrated is equally important for your body and hair. It will help your body remain cool and sweat less. So take at least 8-10 glasses of water a day. 

Speak to a doctor: If you have a body that sweats excessively, or is something that has just recently been a condition you are facing, you can speak to a doctor to see if it is natural. The doctor can help you determine if there is something you have to do about it.  

Avoid brushing your hair when wet: Despite the weather, you have just showered or your hair is wet from sweat, try to just let it dry and then comb your hair with a broad comb. As much as combing your hair is important, it is important to be gentle with your hair.

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