Hair Strengthening Treatment

Achieving sleek, straight hair is a common desire for many individuals, as frizz and curls can affect both style and confidence.

Addressing these concerns is essential to attaining smooth, manageable hair and feeling your best.

This is why Welona is dedicated to providing high-quality hair straightening therapy. Here's an overview of our best treatments:

Hair Strengthening Solutions

Hair Botox Treatment

Botox, also known as "keratin Botox," is a hair treatment that involves applying a specialized formula containing Botox (botulinum toxin) and other nourishing ingredients to the hair strands. This treatment aims to repair damaged hair, reduce frizz, and restore moisture and shine by smoothing the hair cuticle and sealing split ends.

The process typically includes washing the hair, applying the Botox solution, and allowing it to penetrate the hair shaft before rinsing and styling as usual.

Botox for hair is suitable for all hair types and is often used as a rejuvenating treatment for dry, damaged, or chemically treated hair.


No Surgery

Smooth, Frizz-Free Hair

Hydrated Strands

Restored Shine

Customized Treatment


Suitable for All Hair Types

Mesotherapy Treatment

Mesotherapy involves injecting a customized blend of vitamins, minerals, and growth factors directly into the scalp to stimulate hair growth, improve hair thickness, and enhance overall scalp health.

This non-surgical procedure targets hair follicles, nourishing them with essential nutrients to promote stronger, thicker hair growth.

Multiple sessions spaced several weeks apart are typically recommended to achieve optimal results.


No Surgery

Minimal Discomfort

Reduced Hair Loss

Enhanced Hair Growth

Tailored Treatment


Improved Scalp Health

Free Consultation

Talk to our experts & begin your transformation today


How much does the Hair Strengthening treatment cost?

The cost of Hair Strengthening treatment varies depending on the hair length, as well as the specific techniques and products utilized.

Is Hair Strengthening treatment permanent?

Hair Strengthening treatment offers semi-permanent to temporary results, depending on the method used and individual hair type.

Why invest with Welona for your hair care?

When it comes to Hair Strengthening treatments in Chennai, Welona stands out as one of the top choices. Our experienced professionals and state-of-the-art techniques ensure exceptional results tailored to your hair type and preferences.

Is there a risk or side effects while undergoing Hair Strengthening treatment?

Hair Strengthening treatments typically carry no risk, however it's essential to consider individual hair health and potential allergic reactions. Consulting with our experts beforehand ensures a safe and satisfactory experience.

Will you offer a guarantee for Hair Strengthening treatments?

At Welona, we prioritize client satisfaction and stand behind the quality of our services. While results may vary depending on individual hair type and maintenance, we assure you of our commitment to achieving the best possible outcome for your Hair Strengthening treatment.