How To Deal With Acne The Chemical Way
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People of all age face acne problems, but most affected groups of this skin disorder are teenagers and young adults. This is a chronic condition that causes pimple scars and spots mainly on the face, back, shoulder, neck and upper arms. There are many factors that can influence acne such as, poor immune system, menstrual cycle, stress, acne-related bacteria, hormones, genetics, and environmental factors. Of course, it becomes embarrassing and uncomfortable to live with acne. So people tend to eagerly find ways for acne treatment and prevent acne breakouts. If you are looking for some quick acne scar treatment, then a chemical peel is by far the best option you can go for. 

What is Chemical Peel?

A chemical peel is a cosmetic procedure to improve skin’s appearance on the face, hands, neck and upper arms. Only certified doctors or aesthetic technician should perform chemical peel. The doctor/technician applies a chemical solution to the skin, which exfoliates the skin and peels it off. This results in the generation of new skin which is usually softer and smoother. The depth of the procedure should be evaluated by experts before undergoing the treatment. Most doctors suggest chemical peel for acne treatment, acne scar reduction or age spot treatment. There are basically three types of chemical peel:

Light Chemical Peel (AHA Peel) – Light chemical peel helps to treat mild acne, acne spots and reduce fine lines. Alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) or other mild chemical solution is applied on the skin to penetrate the outer layer of the skin to exfoliate it gently. A light chemical peel offers dramatic results leaving your skin looking refreshed, smoother and younger. The recovery can be as little as 24 hours with a light chemical peel.

Medium Chemical Peel (TCA Peel) – Medium chemical peel uses trichloroacetic acid to get rid of any facial imperfection including pimple scars, spots, freckles, wrinkles, and blemishes. The procedure is slightly more intense when compared to AHA peel, and the doctor might ask you to stay at the clinic for about 2 hours to carry out TCA peel. The recovery can take up to 2 weeks and you will be asked to avoid sunlight before and after the procedure.

Deep Peel (Phenol peel) – Deep peel is done using phenol to penetrate the middle layer of the skin. This peel is suggested only for skin that is really damaged and beyond repair. Although this procedure is said to be painful, the patients could see a great improvement in the skin’s appearance. Shallow scars, age spots, wrinkles are some of the problems treated with a phenol peel. It takes about 3 to 4 weeks of recovery time and can be done only once. 

Your doctor may suggest staying away from sunlight, makeup, and tobacco until your skin is completely healed. Follow their advice to get the best results out of the chemical peel. But remember, you must decide upon the best chemical peel only under the direction of a professional skincare expert. 

Ways to prevent acne:

Green Tea – Drinking at least 3 cups of green tea can reduce 50% of acne, because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Using green tea-based lotion and creams can also help.

Adopt Healthy Diet – Avoid junk food and follow antioxidant-rich food diet. Add more green leafy vegetables, flaxseeds, and probiotic food in your meal.

Manage Stress – Many people are unaware that stress is associated with hair loss and acne both. Stress wreaks havoc on our health, which causes breakout and squeezing it worsen the same. Practice meditation or gym to manage stress.

Skincare Regime – You must have a skincare regime that should be followed consistently. Cleansing, toning, moisturizing and sunscreen cannot be ignored. Avoid oil-based make-up if you already have acne. 

Ask DermatologistVisit a dermatologist to understand the products that can work for your skin type. He/she will suggest products that are designed specifically for acne-prone skin. These dermatologists can also help you with the best acne scar treatment or dark spot removal treatment if required.

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