arm sweat reduction
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Clean and dry underarms are like a dream to people— especially to those with hyperhidrosis (Excessive sweating in the palms, feet and underarms). Excessive sweating can disrupt a person’s life in so many ways. People tend to modify their lifestyle to fit within the constraints that this particular problem causes. It affects the personal life and results in lowering of one’s self-esteem.  This is where the underarm sweat reduction procedure comes to the rescue. It is is a medical procedure done by trained dermatologists.

Before getting into detail about the procedure that can permanently extricate you from the hurdles of armpit hair & sweat let’s see why you need to have a clean armpit.   

In the city which faces scorching heat for the most part of the year, people become irritant with sweaty and itchy underarms. Here are the benefits of having a clean & smooth armpit. 

Having clean sweat-free underarm can give you a peaceful and pleasant day.

Healthy body hygiene.

Sweat-free armpit

No more body odour.

An itch-free underarm.  

Gain your confidence back, and more… 

miraDry at Welona: An effective long-term solution

miraDry is one of the most effective treatment procedures that lay the road to a carefree underarm. Over 100,00 miraDry treatments have been performed worldwide. It is a three-in-one solution for all your underarm troubles. With miraDry, underarm sweat, odour and unwanted hair would be completely gone. The procedure is recommended in the treatment of primary axillary hyperhidrosis (excessive underarm sweat) in adults. 

Benefits of miraDry: 

  1. Drastic sweat reduction in minimal time
  2. Body odour elimination 
  3. Permanent solution
  4. Non-invasive technique
  5. No side effects  

The Process: 

miraDry works on a simple procedure. Thermal energy targets heat on the sweat glands and thereby destroying them. Once the sweat gland is eliminated it does not come back, leaving you sweatless and odorless forever. No more underarm sweat stains! Also, the excessive heat destroys the hair follicles leaving your free of underarm hair. 

Simple step-by-step: 

Underarm hair shaved. 

The area to be treated is numbed. 

The machine is directly placed on the skin. 

The suction of the skin and sweat glands bringing them close to the surface. 

Thermal energy used to destroy the sweat glands. 

Cooling is applied to the area to keep the patient at ease during treatment.

FAQs about armpit sweat reduction and miraDry. 

→ How exactly does this work?

Targeted thermal energy only in the area where there is an excess of sweat and body odour, to remove the sweat gland. 

→ Do I need underarm sweat glands? 

To cool itself, your body needs sweat glands. There are two to four million sweat glands in your body and only 2% of it approx. are present in your armpit. So, reducing 2% off your sweat glands won’t disrupt the cooling-off of your body.

→ Is this treatment permanent?

It is clinically approved to reduce sweat by 82%  and reduce body odour by 90%. 

→ Is miraDry FDA approved? 

miraDrywas FDA approved in 2011. 

→ Is the miraDry treatment surgical? 

The procedure is noninvasive. 

→ How long does the treatment take? 

The treatment takes about an hour to complete. 

→ How many treatments are needed? 

In one treatment you would be able to see results. The dermatologist who is guiding you through your miraDry journey would be able to drive you to the results you desire. 

→ How does the treatment feel? 

Since local anesthesia is administered prior to treatment, miraDry is painless. 

→ Do I feel any pain during or after the procedure? 

The procedure is described as painless with minimal to zero downtime. Before the treatment, local anesthesia is administered to the area that is to be treated. So, during the treatment you may not experience any pain or irritation. But after the treatment patients experience numbness and sensitivity which usually disappears within a few days. 

→ How long does the treatment last? 

Once the miraDry treatment eliminates sweat, odor, and hair, it’s gone! 

→ How much does the treatment cost? 

The treatment cost varies from person to person depending upon the results that are desired. 

Say goodbye forever to underarm shaving, waxing, deodorant, etc… Get a consultation with Welona, now!