Hair Transplantation in India
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The importance of hair is not felt until it is lost. A bald scalp can undermine the confidence and self-esteem of an individual. Restoration of hair with the help of modern scientific procedures is definitely the solution to your thinned hair or bald scalp. And when we speak about such processes, hair transplantation definitely tops the list.

Most people choose hair transplantation over other solutions because of the ease of performance, cost-effectiveness and non-invasive nature of the surgery. Hair transplantation cost is not extremely high and can be easily afforded by the upper-middle class 

Initially, hair grafting was practiced as a popular method of hair growth solutions. But it did not work fully. Therefore, after a lot of intense research, it was discovered that hair follicles have an inherent tendency to avoid individual growth and exhibit growth in groups. 

What is hair transplantation?

The hair transplantation process is essentially a surgical process that involves a simple process. Hair follicles from one of the body parts which is called the donor site are taken. These follicles are then re-established in the recipient site, where the hair growth is to be fostered. 

Usually, the hair transplantation method is used to treat baldness. It is also used for individuals who have undergone extensive loss or facing severe hair thinning issues. The hair from the donor site is extracted in the form of follicular grafts. These are rendered genetically resistant to balding. These modified hair grafts are then planted in the recipient site. With the help of hair transplantation, you can restore the various hairy regions of the body like eyebrows, beard hair or chest hair. 

Hair Transplantation Process – 

The modern hair transplantation technique is popularly called the follicular unit transplantation. Many tiny micrografts harvested instead of a single strip of skin. The grafts are prepared in groups of 1 to a maximum of 4. This is the reason for naming the process as follicular unit transplantation. 

In the hair transplantation process, the doctor initially goes for a pre-operative analysis. In this process, the doctor thoroughly examines the scalp of the patient and decides for the methodology of the surgery to be adapted. The number of grafts that shall be required and also the expected outcome is decided by the doctor in this phase. 

Various types of nutrient intake or topical medicine applications may be required to improve the result. Pre-treatment prepares the scalp for better reception of the hair follicles. Harvesting of hair follicles can be done by several methods. These are follicular unit extraction, follicular unit transplantation, and strip harvesting. The area of transplantation is first cleaned thoroughly preferably with shampoo. A mild sedative is administered to bring about a local anesthesia effect.  

Every individual harvesting process has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, each process works best for specific individuals. The strip harvesting is the earliest known process. This involves the extraction of a strip of skin from the scalp with good hair growth and their implantation at the bald area at a specific angle. 

With the advancement of technology, many new processes have come up like FUE and FUT. Both of these demands extensive skill and therefore are not easily practiced by every surgeon. This process should be done only by an expert dermatologist 

Hair Transplantation in India

The hair transplantation process in India has gained substantial popularity. There are many high-profile hair transplantation clinics in India. Yet, the hair transplantation process in India has a long way to go because still now improved methods like Robotic Hair Restoration is not very common in India. 

Is Hair Transplantation Risky?

Hair transplantation does not involve any potential risk except for a few minor ones. Shock loss or thinning away of hair is one of the most common post-operative side effects. Anxiety and fear are other less common issues associated with hair transplantation surgery. Post-operative care such as keeping the scalp clean or changing the dressing daily keeps away chances of hair transplantation side effects.

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