PRP hair loss treatment
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Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment is gaining popularity across the world for various reasons. This treatment has been in the news for accelerating healing in trauma, ligaments, and joint injury. The technique also shows tremendous success in addressing male pattern baldness and regrowing and preserving the hair you have. Many studies have suggested that PRP hair loss treatment can show promising results. People who have undergone this treatment also stand as witnesses and testaments to it. 

What is PRP Hair Loss Treatment? 

PRP hair treatment is a non-surgical procedure for regrowing hair using your Plasma. The doctor draws your blood and separates the Plasma with platelets using centrifugation. The platelets are the blood particles that have growth factors and proteins.  

The Plasma with rich platelets is then injected into your scalp to help the hair regrow. It is a safe way to restore and reverse hair loss. You need to take care of your body during the process and follow the instructions as specified by the expert in the clinic that does hair transplant in Chennai.

Even though it is a non-surgical treatment, finding out if you are eligible for it is essential. This means when you are getting hair treatment in Chennai, you must ensure that you have full disclosure about your health and habits with the hair care hospital in Chennai and the doctors there. That is, while you are at the best hair transplant clinic in Chennai, you must give the experts complete information, including any blood disorders or addictions you may suffer from. 

What to Avoid While Going Through the PRP Hair loss Treatment 

Avoid chemicals 

When you are going for PRP hair treatment, ensure that you avoid Gels and Hair Products. It interferes with the treatment; it is not even a required component when you are taking the treatment. Ensure that you use the least amount of chemicals on your hair as you try and fix it. 


Ensure that you are not feeling dehydrated. You must keep sipping on water hydrating your system. Hydration in general and certainly in the middle of a procedure is essential for your system. So ensure that you keep that bottle of water close to you. 

Sauna, Steams and such treatment

As a thumb rule, patients should avoid treatments such as Sauna, Steams and other therapies that expose the head to artificial heat. It is imperative at least two days after the process of the PRP treatment starts. 

Drugs, cigarettes and alcohol

Any addiction is certainly not an excellent idea for you anyways. However, when you are undergoing PRP treatment, you must ensure that you can fight it in the best way. When you are talking to the best hair doctor in Chennai, you should try to put your best foot forward and avoid such addictions.  

Junk food

That green leafy vegetables are good for you is a no brainer. However, it will help your system more as you go through different procedures, and PRP Hair Treatment is no different. It can help you replenish all that you are losing as part of the process. It helps increase blood circulation and get better immunity, amongst other things. 

Not following the doctor’s advice

Your PRP hair treatment expert will thoroughly investigate your body to eliminate as many problems to avoid as possible during the process. And each patient is required to follow specific rules and patterns to make the treatment successful. Not following their advice before and after the hair transplant in Chennai might lead to unnecessary complications.   

Certain medications

Make sure you tell your doctor about your medical history and any medications you might be taking, especially if they are blood thinner. When you are going through the PRP hair treatment, you would want to avoid medicines that are blood thinners. Anti-inflammatory medication is another thing that you should try and avoid.  

Food supplements

You are what you eat. So ensure you are feeding the right kind of nutrition to help your body heal. Make sure you avoid any food and supplements that you are allergic to.  

Exposure to sun

It would be best if you tried to avoid exposure to excessive sun. For your body to be able to heal, you should try and avoid extreme temperatures. Protect your body as you would with any treatment. Give your body enough time to rest and recover. 

Over the counter hair care products

Try and avoid any form of chemicals, including harsh shampoos in the area in the treated area. The less artificial chemical it has, the better it is for your healing process. Try not to expose it to too many chemicals and water. Let your body heal as naturally as possible. 

How to Improve PRP hair loss Treatment Results?

The outcome of PRP hair treatment varies from one person to another. The result depends upon the quality of your PRP, cardiovascular health, and immune system. If any of this is compromised, then you may not get satisfactory results. To improve the PRP hair treatment results, you can do the following:

You can expect great results if you follow these simple steps. Our body has its mechanism for the healing process, so be patient if you want excellent results out of your PRP hair treatment. 

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