stitch mark treatment
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Time heals all wounds but alas, this is hardly applicable for stitch marks on face. Deep cuts and wounds demand stitches to get cured. But the marks of those stitches are left behind and diminish the beauty of the face. Stitches and stitch marks can be present anywhere but they look most disgusting on your face. Even a small stitch mark is enough to spoil the flawless face of yours. However, there are amazing natural and clinical ways to remove stitch marks on the face that can fetch you great results. 

Natural remedies for stitch mark removal 

Lemon Juice – Lemon juice can be a great natural ingredient to remove the stitch marks from the face. It contains an abundant amount of citric acid and vitamin c, and both these organic compounds are excellent to remove any dark spot, acne scar or grave marks. The lemon juice also lightens the complexion of the affected area. On using lemon juice over a sustained time period, you can get effective results. In this case, there is a special precaution that must be taken. Apply the lemon juice only when the area of stitch has completely dried and the wound has been completely cured. If the acid somehow comes in contact with the wounded area around the stitch, it can be dangerous.

Aloe Vera Gel – Aloe vera gel is another important organic stuff that can help you with your stitch marks. It is always better if you can get the fresh gel from an aloe vera leaf. Apply the natural gel-like pulp of the aloe vera leaf over the stitch marker. Massage the area for about 3 minutes. Keep the gel for a few minutes on the face and wash away with plain cold water. It naturally soothes the area and diminishes the darkness of the stitch mark

Potato Juice – Potato juice is also great for reducing the stitch marks. It contains natural bleaching properties and lightens any sort of mark. The bleach of potato juice is so mild that it hardly produces any ill effects like those of chemical bleach. At the same time, the severity of the stitch mark is greatly reduced if you use potato juice regularly for at least 3 months.

Clinical methods to remove stitch marks 

Laser Treatment – Laser treatment is the best-known process for the removal of stitch marks from the face.  Laser treatment is performed in all major skin clinics under the supervision of expert dermatologists. In this resurfacing technique, a beam of laser light is targeted on the area that has the stitch mark. This laser beam induces cell growth and regeneration on the skin surface. As the new cells start to replace the old ones, the stitch marks also elapse away accordingly. This is the best clinical process to remove stretch marks from face

Chemical Peel – Chemical peel has also gained considerable popularity in the field of cosmetology. This is an equal process to get rid of scars from the face. Through chemical peeling, the upper layers of the skin that mainly bears the mark is deeply exfoliated. The dead cells from the top layer get removed exposing a fresh new layer of skin cells on the surface. Hence, the marks get reduced completely.

Scar Removal Surgery – Scar removal surgery is a cosmetic procedure that is capable of deluding any type of mark from the face. Definitely, it is well applicable in case of stitch marks removal as well. The only drawback is that these plastic surgeries are quite expensive. They need to be carried out by expert plastic surgeons. The size of the scars can also be reduced by this process so as to render them completely unnoticeable

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