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Working towards fresh and radiant skin is on everyone’s to-do list. It makes people feel like themselves. But is it possible to maintain a bright and lively skin in this bustling city life? Yes, it is. It is possible to through the skin lightening and skin brightening treatments that can work wonders to bring back your lost glow. The difference between skin lightening, whitening and brightening always bring confusion to people. So, here’s a run-down as to what is what. 

Skin lightening:

Skin lightening is for restoring the natural radiance of the skin. Your skin will become full of life after the skin lightening treatment. Skin lightening is a rejuvenation process that removes the pigmentations on your skin and gives your skin a natural glow. A simple example of pigmentation would be the tan that you get after coming back from your summer vacation. Tan is nothing but the pigments on your skin caused by the excessive melanin content. The over-exposure to the sun causes dark spots. The ultraviolet rays from the sun is a skin darkening agent. As a result, your skin dulls from its natural tone. The skin tone becomes darker and uneven. With skin-lightening treatments, it is possible to remove the melanin in your skin; the pigment that is responsible for the colour of your skin. 

Skin whitening:

Here’s the enlightening part, skin whitening is a combination of skin lightening and brightening techniques. It is not a separate treatment given to people to provide them with a whiter skin tone. We could blame the marketing industry for trying to make this idea appeal to the mass audience. Whitening is a more appealing term and became widely used in the marketing of skin lightening and brightening products. So, if you hear skin whitening products or treatments anywhere, it is a combo of skin lightening melanin blocks and skin brightening exfoliants. It is either this or intense skin lighteners that can remove the melanin from your skin to a greater extent. 

Skin lightening vs skin whitening 

Skin lightening is a treatment that removes the melanin from the skin so that it reduces the dark spots and blemishes. It can bring back the natural colour and radiance of your skin. This can be achieved through various treatments such as creams, peels and lasers. Yes, laser! The Laser treatment for skin lightening is an FDA-approved procedure that can bring about results, even within a few sessions. So, skin lightening is a very safe and proven solution that is practised all over the world. Of course, there are natural ways to lighten your skin tone, but going three to four layers deep to remove the melanin in your skin is only possible with clinical treatments done by a dermatologist. But when you carefully look into skin whitening, you will find that it can be harmful at times. There are chances of it containing heavy bleaching agents that can cause serious issues. 

Pros and cons of both the treatments 

There are pros and cons for both the procedures. For skin lightening treatments, the pros outweigh the cons. But if you start taking treatments on your own, there could be complications such as mixing two different products that should not be used together, over-usage of creams, the treatment that is not right for your skin type, etc. Hydroquinone is a skin lightening ingredient that has been in play for a long time. But this can cause more harm than good if not administered by a dermatologist. 

Even though both skin lightening and whitening sound similar, several skin whitening treatments can be of risk at times. As the word ‘whitener’ sounds promising and attractive, whitening creams are usually brought by many, either online or over-the-counter. Some of these products might contain harmful substances such as hydroquinone or mercury. They can cause serious side effects. On the other hand, products that promise skin whitening might never have any impact on you. So, our suggestion would be to completely hand the job over to a dermatologist who can rightly suggest treatments that can work on you. 

Another one crucial aspect to look into is that the laser treatment for skin lightening is FDA approved and has been suggested by several professionals. So, you can either undergo laser treatment or ask the dermatologist’s suggestion for skin lightening products. 

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