Symptoms of Hair Loss And How To Counter Them
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There is no ignoring the fact that men and women lose hair all through the year. There are different reasons that you could potentially lose your hair, We want to address how you can detect early signs and symptoms of hair loss, so you can stay better prepared and take steps to reduce the amount of hair loss.

That being said, it is important to note that hair fall is a natural process. However, too much of it could potentially lead to balding and thinning of hair. You will need to watch out for multiple symptoms of hair loss, so as to treat them at the earliest. 

6 Symptoms of Hair Loss You Can’t Miss – 

Thinning of hair: As you age, you are aware of how much hair you have and how thick it is. However, if there is a thinning in the thickness of your hair at a rapid rate, this could be a direct outcome of excessive hair loss. 

Receding hairline: The majority of receding hairline cases affect men, which usually starts in their late 30s. In this condition, hairline starts to recede in the forehead region and is recognized as male pattern baldness.  

Hair loss in patches: Sometimes, hair loss happens in patches. This means hair loss is concentrated in certain areas of your scalp. Some people may face coin-sized bald patches, which can be pretty painful. 

Bald spots: This could be in particular areas and could cause itching. The medical term is alopecia areata.     

Shedding of hair: If you see a lot of hair around your apartment, especially if it is more than usual. This is the basic symptom of women’s hair loss.  

Hair loss while combing: While combing your hair, if you see too much hair in the comb, it could be because of hair loss. Sometimes a bunch of hair in the comb could be a clear indicator of hair loss.   

The above symptoms of hair loss are a matter of concern and one needs to restore hair through appropriate and effective steps.  

Top 5 Steps to Restore Hair Loss: 

Oil massage: Oiling the scalp gently with warm oil helps in regrowth of lost hair and also helps release stress. Adding a little bit of your favourite essential oil to the base oil can work wonders for hair regrowth. Do not forget to give it a gentle massage! Oil the tips of your hair for better results.

Herbal Supplements: There are many herbal supplements that you could use that are available over the counter to help hair regrowth. However, do ensure that you watch closely what kind of side effects you are having. If you are finding any kind of discomfort, stop having the supplement and consult a doctor.  

Diet and Medication: There are medicines available that can help in regrowth of lost hair. Typically, your hair loss could be due to a certain kind of deficiency such as vitamins and iron, and replacing that with medication could help. It is very important to focus on eating a healthy diet and ensure that you add a lot of fruits and vegetables to it.  

Speak to a doctor: If you believe you are losing a lot more hair than usual and this is stressing you out, speak to a dermatologist so you know what the problem is and what medication can help. 

Plasma Injections: Platelet-rich plasma injections or PRP hair treatment is one of the best procedures that can help answer the question of how to regrow lost hair. It is a minimally invasive procedure, which gives faster and great results. However, ensure that you go to the right kind of specialist. The difference between hair growing back and a lifetime of agony can be determined by who you take the treatment from.

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