Key criteria to look for skin specialist doctor
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Skin specialist doctor is an expert in treating various skin diseases and conditions. These skin issues may include acne, pimples, discolouration, pigmentation, infection, eczema, wrinkles, fine lines and so on. According to a study, skin diseases are the fourth common cause of human illness. It is more common in men than in women, and most people are unaware of their abnormal skin. So, most of us experience skin issues sometimes in our lives, and it is essential to address the issue before it becomes incurable.

When should you see a Skin Specialist Doctor? 

Skin diseases can be painful, embarrassing and traumatic for us. Along with damaging skin, these issues can also break our confidence. So, it is crucial to catch the early symptoms of skin issues and consult a dermatologist as early as possible. If you are experiencing any rashes, cyst, acne, bacterial and fungal infections over the skin, you must see a skin doctor. 

A dermatologist or a skin specialist doctor identifies the root cause of skin issues through tests and diagnosis. In some cases, one may have to go for a biopsy test if recommended by the doctor. On discussing the diagnosis and symptoms, they will route you for appropriate treatments. However, you must select a skin specialist doctor in Chennai based on the following criteria:

10 Key Criteria to look for in a Skin Specialist Doctor 

In today’s day and age, the demand for skin doctors in Chennai is on the rise. However, trusting one doctor can be a daunting task. So here are some things you need to consider when selecting a skin specialist doctor in Chennai:


There is almost nothing better than getting high referrals from a friend or family member about a skin specialist doctor. When someone you trust has had a good experience, you can certainly go in with the confidence that you might get a good outcome from the service. Most marketers call this word of mouth marketing.

Check Credentials

Credentials are significant, especially when it comes to things that relate to your health. Ensure that you have the right kind of details about the person and what is their specialisation. Most dermatologists have a degree in dermatology, venereology and leprosy. So make sure you know what their qualifications are. 

Verify credentials

Advertising comes easy these days. So, it must be your priority to verify the credentials and separate them from mere advertisements from people who have the money to spend on them. You cannot buy credibility; you have to earn it. So make sure you verify they have the team backing up the words they showcase. Your potential dermatologists must have undergone rigorous training from a reputed medical college or special training in dermatology institutes.   

Read reviews

In today’s online world, there is a lot to be said about reviews. One slip up, and it tarnishes your name. However, if enough people are making an effort to write good reviews for a particular doctor, you have better chances in those clinics. Therefore, always scan for reviews of the different doctors before picking the one you would like to consult. 

Identify needs

There are many skin specialist doctors in Chennai. However, it is essential to understand your needs and how your skin responds to your home remedies. For instance, what have you been doing is vital information for the doctor. Also, different doctors have different expertise. For example, some might be great at rashes while others at pigmentation, and so on. You must find the right person for the job.   

Look at facilities

Many places pretend to provide fantastic options and a lot of solutions to your skin problems. However, it is vital to see and verify that they have all the latest facilities and different types of equipment to help the doctors do their jobs. So, do some research on the kind of facilities. 

Figure out payment plans

Cost can be a huge decision. There are many things to take into consideration: how expensive are they? Do they accept instalments? Is the procedure covered under your insurance program? All of these and more are essential considerations to make. Always ensure you get a rundown on how much the process will cost and what you will need to invest in for it. 

Talk to the doctor

It is imperative to feel comfortable with your doctor and expert staff. Always spend some time understanding the pros and cons, seeing where they are coming from and how they would like to proceed. Additionally, give them an understanding of all your conditions; it will make them empathise with your situation, understand what you are going through, and believe they can help.   

Check experience

No matter what reviews you read and how many good experiences your friends or family have had, there is something to be said about the knowledge that will treat your condition. When dealing with specific procedures, you will need the right kind of people who have experience in that particular area that treat you and help with your recovery. They must not only know what to do but also have experience with recovery. 

Go with your Gut

At the end of the day, your feeling of comfort matters. Experts can tell you what to do. However, there is no substitute for your gut feeling. That is what will separate your comfort level and separate the success vs failure of the procedure. So, if it doesn’t feel right, let it go. 

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