Hair Loss Prevention Methods In Teens
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As soon as your kids enter their teenage years, they undergo a lot of physiological changes, which are a bit difficult to deal with. While the physical issues annoy them, mental growth makes them feel like an adult. In the process of growing, teenage hair loss is the most common problem that they suffer from. Hair loss is an issue that every individual faces either at one point in time or maybe too frequently. However, during the teenage years when individuals are more into styling and enhancing their appeal, hair loss is more than just a problem. It is rather a nightmare for them.

Common causes of Teenage Hair Loss

Before exploring the methods or tips for preventing hair loss in teens, it is very important to be aware of the common causes of the loss of hair at that age. Hence, here are some causes that you must know about. 

Hormones – Teenage is the growing stage of individuals and hence your body experiences huge transformation. From a child, you are in the process of turning into an adult. At this stage, hormonal imbalance occurs, thereby leading to excessive hair loss. Dihydrotestosterone or DHT is the hormone that leads to the loss of hair. DHT shrinks the hair follicles, resulting in hair fall. While the levels of testosterone are high in males, it is still present in women too but at very low levels. Teenage girls, therefore, may undergo the hair fall until the hormone gets balanced in the body.

Diet – If you are consuming fast or junk food most of the time, your chances of hair fall increase. However, during the teenage, a balanced diet is hardly liked. Right? This is what causes excessive hair loss.

Styling – Teenage is the time when appearance matters to individuals. As a result, the teenagers over-style their hair without realizing the torture their hair follicles go through. Mishandling causes teenage hair loss.

Teenage hair loss prevention methods

If you want to take care of your falling hair naturally, you are on the right track. The natural methods of dealing with this issue are the best way. In case “how to prevent hair loss for teenage guys naturally or teenage girls naturally” is your question, here is the list of methods or tips to try out.

Follow a Good Diet – To make sure your scalp, as well as your hair follicles, are healthy, wealthy, and wise, you must take care of what you eat. Ensure consuming a well-balanced diet with optimal calories. Take enough nutrition, vitamins and omega 3 content in your diet to maintain healthy hair from within.

Proper handling of hairs – There are times when you may think you are doing good to your hair strands but actually you’re not. It is important that you handle your hair properly. Wash and brush your strands gently. In a hurry, you may become tough to them and they may start to fall. Apply oils to nourish them. Using argan or coconut oil is recommended, as far as the styling is concerned, it is advisable not to be too harsh on your hair. Avoid over-styling. It will only impose negative effects on the strands. Try limiting heat styling and tight-up styling only to certain days.

Stay away from Stress Stress leads to hormonal imbalance, which is yet another reason behind excessive teenage hair loss. As a teenager, you are already undergoing physiological changes and stress will only add to the strain that your body goes through. This, in turn, will result in more and more loss of hair. Get into exercise and meditation to have your body and mind relaxed.  

Get the tests done – Lack of vitamins or hormonal issues, as already discussed, could enhance hair loss in teens. Getting the medical tests done to find out the vitamins or iron deficiencies would be a great help.Consult a doctor and make sure taking in medicines to treat the same to deal with the hair loss issues effectively.

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, you may also opt for frequent massage sessions for your scalp, which really works. Call Welona, Slimming, Hair, and Skin Clinic for any hair loss issues and get a free consultation.