What Are The Main Causes For The Recurrence Of Dandruff
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Flaky, itchy scalp is a common skin disorder of the scalp known as scruff, pityriasis capitis or, in simple words, dandruff. According to a study, dandruff affects half of the population in the world. The severity of this condition may vary from people to people and affects more men than women. The condition can develop during the normal process of growing the scalp’s skin cells. 

The process involves old skin cells dying for a healthy scalp, and new cells are replaced once a month. When this cycle is disrupted, the dead skin cells die and accumulate on the scalp causing dandruff. In most cases, the dandruff is severe, and it falls off on the shoulder. It creates embarrassing situations, especially when people wear dark clothes. Moreover, dandruff causes itching and scratching results in more flakes. Proper dandruff treatment is necessary to stop the recurrence of it.  

Signs of Dandruff

Visit a dermatologist if you experience any of the below-mentioned signs, as it could be a sign of dandruff. 

Top 7 Causes of Recurring Dandruff 

Oily skin

Oily skin and not good hair care can cause dandruff. People with oily skin tend to have oil accumulation that is true of both the skin and hair. This oil accumulation, when not treated, could lead to dandruff. It is, therefore, vital to make sure oily skin is treated appropriately both on your skin and scalp.   

Frequency of Shampoo

There are many options for shampoos – medical and medical to help cure dandruff. You might choose a specific shampoo for your scalp. However, most people do not use it often. When you do not use it often, it can cause recurring dandruff. So, It is essential to clean your hair enough, at least when there is too much buildup. It will help remove dirt and excess oil accumulation that causes dandruff.  


Stress is undoubtedly a cause for actively making your dandruff worse. It can cause your body to respond differently. If you have emotional triggers, learn to identify them and make sure you keep track of it. The lesser the stressors, the more you can have less dandruff. Try to do all that you need to stay calm, be it exercise, or yoga or whatever makes it work for you.    

Dry Skin

Having dry skin is a prevalent cause of recurring dandruff. It is essential to constantly hydrate your hair, especially in the colder seasons, to protect your hair. Moisturize your hair and use shampoo products that help provide the proper moisturisation for your hair. When you moisturise your scalp, there are better chances of avoiding dry skin.  

Medical Conditions

Many medical conditions could cause your body to affect your scalp. If you have specific allergies, there is every chance that you might have issues with dandruff. This includes a lot of common skin diseases. It is essential to ask your local dermatologist for dandruff treatment in Chennai to find out how to handle hair issues.  

Chemical Products

It is very likely that you are unaware of what and how you react to different products. It is essential to know that there is no one particular solution or product that will fix everything. Therefore, get the right kind of dandruff treatment in Chennai to protect yourself from dandruff.

Skin Conditions

One of the things that we cannot avoid is the skin conditions we have. It could be hereditary or conditions like psoriasis and eczema. This could lead to increased dandruff issues. It might be required to address the problems before addressing your dandruff to control dandruff’s recurring problem.

Environmental Factors

It is one of the significant factors for recurring dandruff. Pollution and dirt accumulation may not cause dandruff but are a significant contributor to make it overactive. It results in excessive shedding of flakes from the scalp. The condition gets worse if you have an oily scalp with dandruff. In such scenarios, you should immediately visit a skin doctor.  

Things to do to Avoid Recurring Dandruff Issue


Make sure you moisturize your hair from time to time. There are over the counter oils and moisturiser that could help based on your hair and skin type. Ensure that you moisturise from the hair to the hair tip.

Shampoo often

It is imperative to maintain hair hygiene. So, ensure that you wash your hair frequently and massage it gently. 

Avoid hair products

Using too many hair products could damage your hair and cause dandruff. So, better to stay away from them as much as possible. 

Pick the right shampoo

There are many shampoos available in the market that are medicated and non-medicated. Keep track of the shampoos that are suiting you and use those. 

Seek help

Speak to an expert. There are options for dandruff treatments in Chennai. Go to one and get your problem fixed early. The later you go, the more frustrating it becomes.  

Best Treatment for Dandruff

Apart from using anti-dandruff shampoo, there are specific home remedies for treatment available. You can apply tea tree oil, aloe vera, apple cider vinegar and eat more probiotics to reduce dandruff. Reducing stress and doing regular exercise can improve blood circulation in the scalp. It helps to regulate the cycle of growing new skin cells and clearing the old ones. 

For recurring dandruff, you may need the intervention of an expert dermatologist. Dermatologists are skin doctors that can assess your condition and the severity of it. Only then they will prescribe the medication and treatment so that you can get rid of dandruff. 

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