What Chennai Dermatologists Can Offer You
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Dermatologists are doctors that treat your skin. They have expertise in skin care and take care of issues of the skin, hair, and nails. They also know details on cosmetic disorders on the skin. This includes issues like hair loss, facial scars, wrinkles, acne, and more. 

These doctors provide a host of solutions using different methods. They suggest creams, prescribe medication and give injections. They typically provide laser therapy, chemical peels, ultraviolet light therapy, electrosurgery (to destroy tissue), cryosurgery (to freeze tissue), skin grafting and more.   

Your skin is a very important organ, this is because your skin is the first line of defense from many diseases. Therefore, dermatologists and skin care doctors play a very important role. In Chennai, there are many clinics that are sprouting around the city that offer one of many of the listed treatments. However, you must be careful about what each of the clinics brings to you and how effective they are.  

You might wonder why to see a dermatologist? When do I need to actually get a consultation? Do I need a consultation? The answer is if your skin has undergone some changes, you should consult a dermatologist. Here are some reasons:

Acne: There are many over the counter skin care creams available for acne. However, they can sometimes be ineffective or worse give you an allergic reaction. Consulting a dermatologist during this time could be a good idea. Acne and blemishes on your face could lead to low self-esteem. 

Eczema: This is a condition where you see flaky patches on your skin and/or have itchy skin. A dermatologist in Chennai can help you take care of it by suggesting the right kind of cream to help reduce the itching and take care of the skin. 

Skin Damage: As you age, there could be some skin damage that occurs. When you suspect that your skin is getting damaged dermatologists in Chennai can help restore it.    

Hair Damage: Hair can be damaged due to different reasons. It can include the food you eat, pollution, lifestyle and more. Dermatologists can suggest solutions and things you can do to better your hair. 

Hair Loss: Hair loss is a serious issue that is faced by many people. Balding, receding hairlines can cause great distress. Many dermatologists in Chennai, now, provide hair regeneration programs. PRP treatments are on the rise. They also provide tips on how to gain the hair back. 

Scar: Over the years, it could be that you have developed scars for different reasons. For whatever reason, you might want to remove those scars. Dermatologists help remove scars, moles, and others using new-age treatment like laser treatments. 

Nail Treatment: A dermatologist can give you a complete solution for nail related issues. Discolorations of the nails, issues with breakage are all issues that can be treated by dermatologists. This includes things like fungal infections, ingrowing toenails and such.   

Skin Cancer: This is one of the more serious issues that occur with the skin. A good dermatologist can check for changes in your skin. It is important if you have a history of skin issues to get it checked from a dermatologist. Regular screening of the skin to make sure it is healthy is paramount. As you know catching serious diseases early is important and makes it easily curable.

This said, before visiting a dermatologist; ensure that you have enough information about your condition. It is also important that you are asking the right questions. Also, for most issues, while visiting a dermatologist ensures that you are not using too many cosmetics. This will help them examine your skin easier and will help them diagnose the problem better. Ensure that you discuss your issues with the dermatologist and also let him or her know the kind of medication you are on currently. Medical history also needs to be revealed to help them get a full view of the problem.

We at Welona provide consultations to help people with different issues related to dermatology. We have a team of expert dermatologists that can help you deal with all the issues you have skin and body. Like we mentioned earlier, the skin is a very important organ, and we are always here to help you with it.