Best Methods for Upper Lip and Chin Hair Removal
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Women have felt shame about the upper lip and chin hair for years. They spend a lot of money and time to remove the upper lip and chin hair. There are many ways to remove unwanted body hair, and each has its own benefits and flaws. With technology, even the commercial market has responded well to the desire for easier methods for hair removal by introducing creams and lotions. However many women today prefer permanent hair removal options such as electrolysis and laser hair removal. Here are some methods that often women use to remove upper lip and chin hair. 

Best Methods for Upper Lip and Chin Hair Removal

Bleaching: One of the options women have is to bleach the area. This way the facial hair will blend in with the skin, making it invisible. There are creams available in the market which helps blend the hair color with the skin color. However, you are better served by going to your parlor because you will need to put the bleach on for not too long, and they can help you understand the kind of reaction your skin is having to the product.    

Blades or Electronic Razors: This is possibly the easiest solution in the short term. If you are in a hurry and need to get it done, then this is an effective way to get past it. However, this option as a regular solution poses the threat of the hair growing back sooner than later. The hair is cut is not removed out, it is just trimmed. Therefore, re-growth time is a lot sooner. 

Threading: Threading can be hurtful, but is an effective way to get rid of facial hair. This procedure lasts longer than the blades and electronic razors. However, you must tread with caution because this procedure could cause some amount of discomfort and pain. There is an effort to calm it down after threading with some calming gel such as astringent.  

Hair Removal Cream: This is another effective way to remove facial hair. This tends to be a non-intrusive and painless option to remove hair. It is a quick option as well. However, the issue with this option is that it could need multiple revisits. Typically, though hair removal cream is a fast solution, the hair growing back is just as fast. Also, it is possible that you could be allergic to the cream and therefore could have some redness on the skin and other reactions. 

Waxing: Waxing is one of the options women have used over the years to remove the hair from the face, both upper lip, and chin. Again, this involves some hot liquid and removing hair in a jolt. This is a fairly painful process but tends to be a longer-lasting solution than the blade options. It could be considered painful based on your threshold for pain. However, over a period of time, it is said that you can get used to the process. 

Laser Hair Removal: Laser removal of hair is increasingly becoming a popular option to remove facial hair. This is a process that has little to no side effects, additionally, the side effects are also considered temporary. Hair follicles are damaged using a laser beam, which slows the hair growth cycle. The results are lost lasting in most cases. There could be some redness and tenderness. However, it is a small price to pay for a long term solution. This requires a fully-qualified practitioner to help you with the process. It is, therefore, better to be safe than sorry when undergoing laser removal of facial hair.

This said it is better to consult practitioners that have the wherewithal to analyze what the best solution for your skin would be. They can do a complete analysis to see how and what would work for your skin and texture. There is a reason why professionals look at skin tone to suggest the best suggestions to your specific skin type. You finally must be sure that facial hair shaming is not something you must encourage. It is natural, and common. However, if you want to remove it there are multiple options.

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