Obesity Management Tips
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Obesity is on the rise across the world. There is an increasing number of people dealing with this issue because of different reasons such as bad eating habits, lifestyle, lack of exercise, health problems and more. Obesity causes a lot of side effects; this includes health risks apart from low self-esteem. The body mass index (or BMI) is a tool that measures if you are overweight or suffer from obesity. There are many things you can do to bring overweight or obesity in control. Here are some weight loss tips: 

Cook and Eat healthily:

Eating well also means eating sensibly. Add more green leafy vegetables, other vegetables, and fruits. Eat less meat or at least regulate the consumption, to suit your body’s metabolism. While you are eating healthier how you cook the food also matters. Less oil, better practices. Nutritionists can suggest the best weight loss treatment and provide the right kind of tips for your body type and BMI. 

Eating in portions:

Subconsciously it is said that when you eat from bigger bowls or plates you tend to eat more. So, using smaller vessels could lead to control over how much you eat and portioning it helps create psychological control. 


With most of our jobs being resigned to chairs or couches, it is important to get the required exercise for your body to stay in shape and burn the calories. However, consulting with a professional will help you better understand the areas you will have to focus on and how you can do it without tiring yourself or hurting yourself in the process

Drink lots of water:

Water is the best colourless liquid that can help you lose weight. It is also true that sometimes when your body is hungry it is just maybe craving water from dehydration. 

Chew slowly:

When you eat your food savour it. Eat slowly and this can help reduce the amount you eat. 

Keep yourself motivated:

There is every likelihood that you will fail or go overboard sometimes. The important thing is to keep at it and get back on the saddle. Get back, reassess and start from scratch. It is important to stay motivated.

Stay away from sugar:

Everyone likes to indulge in sweets and candies from time to time. So, do forgive yourself when you succumb to the urge. However, if it is harder to find, chances are you will eat less of it. So, make it a chore to actually find the indulgence. 

Switch to green tea:

Green tea is a great source to break down fat and make you feel lighter and healthier. So, try and make that switch to green tea, without sugar, of course, to start your day. Green tea with hot water can help make you feel better and less guilty.      

Use the Half Plate rule:

When you are serving your food on a plate, ensure that at least half of the plate is full of vegetables. You cannot go wrong with vegetables, because they have all the nutrients you need and is a sure shot way to lose weight by eating healthy. Think salads or vegetables and more of that means a better diet. 

Sleep right:

Many believe that late sleepers and later wakers have a bigger chance of suffering from obesity. Your body needs the rest, and it needs it for the right amount of time. If you are a late riser, a tip to correcting it is to set your alarm 15 minutes earlier for the next day. This will automatically set your biological clock to the right time to sleep and rise.  

Get Consultation from Experts:

There are many obesity clinics in Chennai that help you understand how obese you are and what the best possible way to lose your weight without losing your patience or motivation too. So, take a consultation and they can be of great help. They can help, so, use it.  Welona, Slimming, skin and hair clinic is one of the best obesity clinics in Chennai that help with obesity management. We have experts that work with you on a weekly basis to ensure that you are taken care of both physically and emotionally. Like we have always maintained, you have to pick the right person for you. We provide the best weight loss treatment, such as inch loss, body shaping, body sculpting, and body firming and are committed to bringing you maximum results. At Welona, you just do not have consultants, you have a friend in us.