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Stretch marks are a problem that occurs for both men and women. Though not necessary, many people tend to be embarrassed to have stretch marks. There are different causes for stretch marks and different solutions for each of those kinds. They typically look like parallel lines on your skin that happen because of fibers that help your skin stretch but will sometimes not come back in shape when you tend to lose weight. When you gain weight your skin stretches, however, as you look or leave that weight by the wayside it could make stretches on the body. They typically appear on the stomach, hips, thighs and bum depending on the reasons you have the stretch marks.   

Some of the reasons that you could get stretch marks include the following:

  • Pregnancy: Many women get stretch marks after they have a baby grow and delivered the baby. Women’s bodies undergo a lot of changes during pregnancy. After they deliver, they also go through hormonal changes. Emotionally, there could be that they would want to know how to remove stretch marks on hips at least after they deliver
  •   Instant weight loss or gain: When you gain weight your skin stretches, and that will cause stretch marks. Additionally, if you end up losing your weight suddenly it can cause further of them. It is, therefore, advised that you ensure that you gain or lose weight in the right way. Ensure that you increase or decrease your weight in the right time frame. This will ensure that your body better adjusts to the change. Obesity also leads to stretching on the body. Therefore, controlling it is important.
  • Certain skin diseases: There are certain pills that could lead to stretch marks on the body when taken. It is best to consult your dermatologist and let them know the condition you are on. It is important to tell them also the kind of medication you are taking.

Some kinds of skin stretch marks are: 

  • Red Stretch Marks: As the name suggests, these are reddish or purple and tend to be itchy. They are easy to get rid of. They typically appear when stretch marks start to form.
  • White Stretch Marks: These are more difficult and stubborn. They appear in white or silverish color

There are many natural and medical treatments that are available to fix issues with stretch marks. Some of the solutions that you can use to spread over the stretch marks include:

  •   Lemon juice
  •   Egg whites
  •   Aloe vera
  •   Potato Juice
  •   Olive oil

However, there are other treatments you can use when the above seem to fail you.

Laser therapy: Laser therapy helps fade stretch marks in the best way possible. Though it is about 20 sessions long, there is every likelihood that you can treat the stretch marks caused by any of the above reasons.

Platelet-rich plasma: Yes, there are scientific studies that say that apart from healing or rebuilding baldness, it can also help rebuild your skin. This could be an option to make the skin’s stretch marks less visible.

Microneedling: This could be a solution that makes insertions on the top layer of the skin. This increases elasticity and the production of collagen. This ultimately helps better the skin in a little time.

Microdermabrasion: This is also a solution that you can use to help with the stretch marks.

Stretch mark creams: There are many over the counter creams that are available that can help. However, you are best suited to talk to your dermatologist or an expert to get the best kind of cream that would suit your skin.

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