Acne with Laser Treatment
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Acne is a pressing problem in many people across the globe. Oily skin, dust, allergies, bad eating habits, and some other entities are responsible for it. There are several effective treatments for this skin condition. These treatments are responsible for the prevention of scars & marks. Treating according to the causes help pimples go away. 

Dermatologists offer acne solutions as a holistic approach. There is a range of natural solutions and in-clinic treatment, ranging from creams, peels, injections to acne surgeries. These therapeutic options come in handy for the treatment of existing pimples.

The frequently asked question is, “does dandruff cause acne”?

Dandruff and excess oil clog pore are the causes of zits and acne. The forehead is an acne-prone area. People who have oily scalp are prone to acne. The target regions are the forehead, face, upper chest, and the back. Creams and treatments are available to cure. There’re natural chemical-free solutions and home remedies that work effectively. The effective clinical treatments like laser and microneedling are way more effective.

Dermaroller – a clinical solution for the correction of acne scars

Often, over-the-counter products are not an effective solution to correct acne. Dermaroller for acne scars, popularly known as microneedling relieves acne. A dermatologist treats a variety of skin concerns, including acne, scars, and wrinkles. Microneedling uses needles that prick through your skin. The needles generate small wounds. In response to it, the body produces collagen to heal these wounds. The correction procedures correct burn scars, surgical scars, acne scars, large pores, sun damage, stretch marks, and sagging skin.

Microneedling is best for depressed acne scars. However, raised acne scars cannot be easily solved. Skin needling is better combined with PRP. There are associated minor side effects including redness, bruising, as well as inflammation. These clinical solutions offer overall positive results. Microneedling is safe for darker skin complexion.

Laser Treatment – the most effective solution for Acne

Laser therapies are a perfect solution for acne treatment. A beam of light exposed to the acne-prone surface makes the acne disappear. Skilled dermatologists take good care of this clinical procedure. Lasers and other associated light treatments reduce acne effectively. These treatments are perfect for clearing acne. Dermatologists recommend acne treatment with laser treatment. To get better results, most people should undergo a series of treatments. This leads to better outcomes.

Results from lasers are durable. Following the main procedure, follow-up treatments are essential once or twice every year. People who are prone to acne must seek advice from dermatologists both before and after treatment. It is essential to note that after photodynamic therapy, one must not go out for 48 hours. The heat of the sun affects the area. The laser treatments are promising in treating acne. Patients with severe acne have experienced clearing for years.

Types of lasers used to treat acne

Dermatologists use numerous light and laser therapies. Problems like blackheads, acne cysts, whiteheads, pimples or nodules can be corrected with the help of Blue, red, and (blue + red) light devices. Devices emitting light must be used for 30 to 60 minutes, twice daily, to get visible results in 4 to 5 weeks. Infrared light treats pimples but isn’t useful to treat blackheads, whiteheads, or nodules. During Photodynamic therapy, a dermatologist makes use of a laser to treat the skin. Photopneumatic treatment uses laser technology for removing excess oil but is not a practical one to treat acne nodules or cysts.

The general routine for taking care of oily acne-prone skin

Greasy, oily skin needs proper care. Good skincare routine for oily acne-prone skin is an effective way to overcome this problem. Overactive sebaceous glands result in the overproduction of excess oil. Besides eating less spicy and fatty foodstuffs, there are some solutions which work the best. You can also choose to use natural products like lemon extracts, turmeric-honey paste, and other natural products.

A Must-have Skin Care Routine

1. Cleanser – Morning skincare should start with a mild water-based cleanser. It removes dirt and impurities without clogging the pores. Salicylic Acid in the cleansers helps a lot to remove excess oil. The super-powerful BHA exfoliates the surface and penetrates pores to extricate dirt and oil. The cleansing foam is the right solution with the help of Tea Tree Oil.

2. Exfoliator – A mild exfoliator is essential. This scrub works the best for oily skin. It removes the dead skin, reduces excess oil production. Daily Scrub, Berryscrub Strawberry as well as Aloe Vera extracts work the best in exfoliating the skin. These extracts are a natural remedy. An exfoliating Face Wash works as an effective solution.

3. Toner- Oily skin prep can be enabled to absorb active ingredients. Toner is the best solution to minimize the appearance of pores. The use of a proper toner reduces oiliness to a great extent. Plum Green Tea Toner, which is non-alcoholic, is the right solution.

4. Mask – Masks that contain Charcoal or Moroccan clay are the best solution to keep skin calm and clear. Exfoliating masks, as well as peels, are composed of Glycolic Acid. These face packs are perfect for oily skin.

5. Serum – Serum keeps the skin hydrated. The anti-aging properties of serum work best for maintaining skin glow and the anti-aging effect. The lightweight formulations are effective in getting absorbed in skin easily.

6. Moisturizer- Creams and moisturizers together work best on oily skin. You might think that these products make the skin oilier. But it is not so. These moisturizers are composed of Glycerin or Hyaluronic Acid. These moisturizers are oil-free and silicon-free. The solution hydrates the skin and drives out the oil from oil glands.

Evening Skin Care Routine requires usual cleansing and toning. A great light-weight serum with a night cream is the best routine before going to bed. Retinol-based products are the best for oily skin. It exfoliates and increases cell turnover. Potent eye cream is the best for hydrating, brightening and firming up the under-eye area.

The above-mentioned skincare solutions are the quickest and the fastest way to lessen grease on the skin. Only high-quality makeup products keep the skin free from acne. Besides, natural home remedies and several clinical solutions are effective in keeping your skin healthy. Welona Slimming, Hair and Skin clinic in Chennai has an experienced team of dermatologists and doctors that makes use of a comprehensive approach, sets protocol, and uses the best techniques to give you healthy, acne-free skin. Call us today at 044-40114444!