Soft and Even Toned Lips
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The proverb says, “If eyes are a window to the soul, lips may be a framework to our character.” Beautiful lips add brilliance to your smile and make you look more attractive. Maintaining the soft, luscious, and pink lips is a difficult task. Dry, chapped, or hyperpigmented lips are often a burning concern. Top home remedies and some cosmetic clinical treatment help an individual to get a supplier and healthier lips. Care for Your Lips holds the utmost importance.

The thin skin of lips makes it easier to crack and chap. A lesser amount of oil glands and the inability to create natural melanin makes the lips prone to hyperpigmentation and cracking. Smooth lightened lips boost one’s confidence and give a positive feel.

So, how to lighten your lips? Let us start with natural remedies.

  •   Honey and lemon therapy helps with the astringent properties to lighten dark lips. Mixing one part of lemon extract and honey, applying it for 30 minutes, and then gently wiping off is a perfect option. The mixture is an excellent scrub to exfoliate lips. Drinking adequate amounts of water will help retain moisture. Avoid drinking tea and coffee, and quit smoking
  •   Exfoliate with honey and sugar to get rid of dead skin cells
  •   Turmeric-milk pack applied for about 5 minutes helps a lot. The lactic acid works to lighten and soften pigmented and dry lips. Turmeric helps keep lips healthy with healing properties;
  •   Aloe Vera Softens and heals dry and chapped lips with a variety of vitamins
  •   Rose Petals Nourish, soothe, and lighten lips. A few drops of milk added to crush petals are a wonderful mixture for softer and luscious lips.

OTC Creams – 

We can’t imagine stepping out without our skincare products, and a good lip cream/balm is one of them. Choose a lip whitening cream for dark lips that is organic and clinically proven. Such products are said to help in achieving smooth and nourished lips. Regular use develops pinkish lips. They can work the best to get beautiful sheen and restores youthfulness to the lips. 

Natural remedies against chapped lips are quite a good option. But the problem is that they do not maintain a long-lasting impact. With its efficiency, cosmetic procedure beams hinder hyperpigmentation permanently. These treatments are quick and less painful.

Permanent skin pigmentation treatment-laser treatments

Laser for dark lips is a medical procedure that is effective enough to cure dark lips. Laser treatment is the latest technique to attain a better skin complexion. This lip lightening laser prevents lip discolouration. The procedure followed is known as lip pigmentation laser treatment. Consulting any reputed cosmetologist will help you a lot to know about the results of laser treatment for dark lips before and after the procedure. Medically certified alternatives to natural treatment for black lips with optimal results is a perfect solution.

The lip lightening treatment is carried out with the help of FDA approved laser and is performed by the dermatologists. The lightening treatment helps fight against tan, uneven skin tone, dark patchy skin, and skin pigmentation. An experienced in-house team of experts, who is well trained and certified, uses the best laser techniques to attain healthier and softer lips. 

Is Laser treatment for dark lips safe?

The laser treatment process is an absolutely safe and effective process. This is done under certified doctors and without anesthesia. An average of six sessions gives you desirable results. The latest equipment used by the well-trained therapist is assured to provide the best result.

The method followed in the laser treatment

Lip Pigmentation Removal is a quick, gentle, and non-invasive treatment. The laser gets into the cell involving excessive pigment. However, the laser light does not affect standard skin colour. High energy light targets the specific area offering efficient destruction of dark cells. Light pulses feel similar to the sensation of flicking of a rubber elastic band. For ten days, it looks like a dark scab. After a few days of treatment, the skin sheds off. The treatment removes 80% of melanin in one procedure. 

Benefits of Pigmentation Removal
  •   The treatment minimizes and eliminates pigmentation
  •   Treats lip areas effectively
  •   Minimal side effects with convenient recovery time;
  •   lipstick and other makeup ingredients can be applied after treatment

Maintenance of a healthy lip is something that requires a lot of effort.  Laser treatments provided by Clinics are convenient. The latest technology by highly trained therapists is the best solution for treating hyperpigmentation. Attend one of the best skin clinics and book an appointment today with Welona, slimming, hair and skin clinic in Chennai for best results. I wish you good luck! 🙂