Best Hair Transplant Clinic
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Maintaining a youthful look is omnipresent. Maintaining a fit and healthy body is natural, but we often skip to pay attention to our hair conditions. Baldness is a burning problem. The use of wrong and unsafe products, improper nutrition, and other associated elements result in baldness. This article will outline surgical hair transplant techniques that are helpful for the restoration of luscious hair, self-esteem, and confidence.

What is the hair implantation technique?

Hair transplantation (implantation) refers to the surgical technique of removal of hair follicles from ‘donor site,’ to the balding part, aka ‘recipient site. It is the best technique to treat baldness.

Tips for finding the best quality and cost-effective implantation clinic

Are you losing hair at a faster rate? If yes, then visiting a hair transplant center can be of great help to you. Your best bet is to schedule an appointment with a hair transplantation clinic with a good reputation. It will allow you to see a hair specialist with enough time to discuss the best options for restoring hair on your scalp. Also, do not forget to consider the following points before taking the final call on your visit to a hair transplant center.

Surgeons with experience – The cost factor will play a significant role in influencing your decision. However, you also need to consider the quality of treatment. The last thing you would want is to see complications arising from the procedure. So, look for a clinic that employs the best surgeons and provides the most hygienic treatment. Proficient dermatologists make sure that there is no scar after the procedure. High-quality service from the expert dermatologists and surgeons with proper treatment is your best option.

Know your doctor – Qualified doctors and technicians will never pose potential harm to your scalp. Thus, to be on the safe side, do your research to find out more about a doctor before getting in touch with them.

It is a good idea to not opt for doctors from the Ayurvedic and homeopathic background. Such doctors do not possess skills related to hair transplant surgeries.  As such, they may expose you to potential risks. Members from all India hair restoration societies perform hair restoration procedures with finesse by bringing their skills and experience together. It is advisable to seek help from only qualified doctors.

Look for Testimonials – To get the best clinic, you must go in search of testimonials and reviews to find out more about how they operate. Based on these details, you will be able to choose the best doctors from a reputed clinic. 

Research well – Investigation and research is a necessity before opting for a good hair transplantation clinic. Besides infrastructure, also make a point of knowing how experienced a dermatologist is and the techniques they use. FUE or FUT are the two basic modes of hair transplantation. On your part, you must opt for only those Surgeons who are professional and skillful in handling these procedures. 

Hair Transplantation Costs: 

At present, the market abounds with products that promise a high volume of hair. However, the majority of those items fail to produce expected results. Hair transplant is the best remedy for dealing with the problem of hair loss and the ensuing issues resulting from it. It may seem a little more expensive than products that promise to restore hair. But it is worth every penny as it provides a  permanent solution.

The treatment and recovery of the procedure involve multiple factors. These add up to give the total cost.

On average, the cost may range between  $4,000 and $15,000. Highly experienced doctors and experts conducting such surgical procedures charge about
₹ 35 – 75/Graft (FUE Hair Transplant)
₹ 25 – 35/Graft (FUT Hair Transplant)
₹ 100 – 150/Graft (DHI Hair Transplant)
₹ 60 – 100/Graft (Robotic Hair Transplant)
₹ 85 – 180/Strand (Synthetic Hair Transplant)
These are approximate charges and may vary from one clinic to another.

Hair implantation cost in Chennai typically costs between RS.30 – to RS.80 per graft. Factors leading to this pricing scheme include graft required, physician qualifications, and the techniques.

Hiring the right surgeon can get you the best results. Also, hygienic clinics with the best staff members and proper techniques play an essential role in deciding the outcomes of hair transplant surgery. Fortunately, there are cost-effective options to make the best hair transplant treatment accessible to you without ripping you off.

Do your homework right to find out such clinics, and you will be good to go. Book your appointment with Welona, Slimming, skin and hair clinic in Chennai and restore your youthful look. Good luck!