Combat Aging Signs
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Skin is a vital organ of the human body. The skin undergoes many changes with age. It tends to become thinner alongside losing fat and smoothness. Years of tanning leads to wrinkles, dryness, and age spots. Regular skincare is not only essential to maintain health but to also feel and look better.

What causes skin aging? 

The turn out of skin cells to workout recovery takes longer to complete. This leads to aging, development of wrinkles, and fatigue. There are many signs of aging. It is essential to consider the signs:

Sunspots – Sunspots, or age spots, and liver spots are easily noticeable. The appearance of flat spots on the skin due to sun exposure is the first sign of skin aging. The hyper-pigmented places are visible on face, hands, or forearms. These signs tend to appear at the age of 40. 

Gaunt hands – Top layers of skin become thinner with fewer structuring proteins. When hands appear more veiny, thin, and wrinkled, it is a sign of aging. It is observable in the late 30s and early 40s.

Inflammation or hyperpigmentation – Many people develop patchy discoloration as they become older. The differing pigment is caused by damage to cells from sun exposure. The hyperpigmentation is a sign of aging. Eczema and other skin conditions damage the melanin cells.

Dry or itchy skin – Skin is susceptible to dehydration and is a sign of aging. Skin prone to flaking is an excellent sign of aging.

Wrinkles or sagging – Production of collagen reduces skin nutrition and leads to aging.

Hormone changes, environment, genetics, and diet are all responsible for skin aging.

How to combat aging?

Seeing a dermatologist and considering lifestyle changes can help to a great extent. Treating the sunspots topically, Aloe vera, vitamin C, alpha hydroxy acid-based products can help treat sunspots. Clinical treatment like intense pulsed light therapy, chemical peels, cryotherapy, dermal fillers, and laser treatment helps to a great extent. Incorporating diet changes, stress management can contribute to a great extent.

Aging treatments especially for men 

Anti-aging care is possible by incorporating some lifestyle changes. Anti-aging treatment for men works well. Using retinoids, vitamin C, and alpha hydroxy acids are also enough at the early stages. However, if natural remedies do not work, it is good to take clinical help. Changes to skin take place in men. Proper facial treatment assessment and plans help a lot. Anti-aging treatment for men takes a couple of months. Chemical peels, ultrasound energy devices, dermabrasion, or laser resurfacing are good for the recovery of skin prone to severe facial sun damage.

Popular Wrinkles and Ageing Treatment Options:

Botox  – Botox eliminates lines and wrinkles between the eyes. They contain purified toxins to block muscle contractions. This treatment requires one treatment every 3-4 months.

Dysport – The treatment requires an average of one treatment. It must be repeated every 3-4 months.

PRP/Vampire Facial – 1-2 PRP treatments or Vampire Facial per year is essential to retain youthful look. Such treatment must be done only by an expert and experienced doctors only, in order to get best results 

Microdermabrasion – The procedure instantly refines skin texture and removes flaky, dry skin, and bumps. A textured metal exfoliates the skin and scrapes up dead skin cells. The lasting results are visible up to three weeks.

Chemical Peel – Peels remove the damaged layer of the skin via chemical. It removes brown spots and hyperpigmentation.

Fillers – Cosmetic fillers restore lost collagen in sallow areas via injection.

Sclerotherapy – Saline injections eliminate unsightly veins to remove hideous veins t

Laser resurfacing – The treatment makes the skin smoother and evener. Fractional lasers use light energy to restore collagen.

The best anti-aging care tips

There are numerous anti-aging care tips to protect your skin and make it subtle.

Serum- an excellent way to restore the youthful look

Serums work wonders to give you a refined look and maintain youth. The best anti-aging serum in India is usually rich in vitamin E. Rare combination of dandelion, and nutmeg oil nourishes skin cells. Saffron and nagkesar with pure sandalwood oil helps fight aging and brightens skin. Composition of vitamins C and E offer antioxidant properties and work against premature skin aging. These serums are suitable for sensitive skin, can be used daily. The Organic formula and Paraben-free composition give essential skin benefits.

Anti-aging facials- another option for youthful skin

Dull, pale, and wrinkled skin can now be corrected with the help of the best anti-aging facial kit for dry skin. A formula that works as a quick boost of hydration is a great aid to give the young and supple look. Creamy gel and cream make the skin feel soft and hydrated. These gels increase skin elasticity. Natural botanical extracts stimulate collagen production. Luxurious creamy products give a younger and brighter look.

Skin changes with age. Checking the skin daily, incorporating essential lifestyle plans, and hydrating materials can give a long-lasting smoother, firmer, and younger look. Just give up all worries to Welona, Slimming, Skin and Hair Clinic in Chennai that can help you with the best anti-aging solutions to regain the confidence of youthful look.