Reduce Pubic Area Hair Permanently
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Removing pubic hair is often a personal preference. Some people like the idea of trimming the pubic hair, whereas others hit the salon. Regardless of gender, people often choose the concept of removing pubic hair. In this article, you will get the right concept about permanent hair reduction techniques, benefits, side effects, and effectiveness.

Why is it right to remove pubic hair?

Removing pubic hair is an essential part of keeping the private parts clean. These parts trap dirt, debris, and harmful microorganisms easily. To escape certain infections, it oftentimes becomes necessary to remove pubic hair. Contrary to marketing claims, hair reduction creams and lotions fail to reduce hair permanently. 

Shaving and tweezing remove the hair for a short span, but the hairs grow back in a couple of weeks. It is a well-known fact that pubic hair grows much faster due to the growth cycle. 

Long-term and permanent hair reduction solutions are better than natural solutions. Such remedies, though not permanent, help remove hair for a short span. Few ingredients included are sugar waxes and scrubs, drinking spearmint tea, and honey instead of wax. For a permanent solution, you can follow any of these listed options:

Long term Solutions to remove Hair from Pubic Area

Electrolysis – The method uses shortwave radio frequencies. Fine needles placed directly distribute the shortwave frequencies into your hair follicles. The process destroys the hair follicle to stop the growth of new hair. Either a dermatologist or a certified electrologist administers the procedure. Electrolysis is a permanent solution. Multiple follow-up appointments in a week or two are effective. It works with most skin types. Common side effects of this process include pain and redness. But there are rare cases of scarring and infection.

Laser hair reduction – Laser hair reduction is a long-term option. The treatment involves laser rays that target hair follicles. In this treatment procedure, specialists use high heat lasers to damage the follicle. Due to this treatment, hair follicles stop growing new hair. Laser hair removal works best with multiple sessions. For best results, doctors recommend at least four to six treatments. Besides, they also ask the recipient to come for a follow up every four to eight weeks to reap the benefits of the treatment. Though the hair removal lasts for a longer time, spanning several years, it does not offer a permanent solution to hair removal. Skin irritation and redness and some other symptoms of blistering and scarring are reported side effects.

Prescription creams – Dermatologists offer prescription creams that work as an effective solution for the treatment of hair growth. Eflornithine (Vaniqa) inhibits the production of the enzyme responsible for stimulating hair growth. Creams provide a lasting effect for eight weeks, albeit with the possibility of some complications. However, these side-effects are mild by nature. The possible side-effects of the treatment include burning, rashes, and acne from follicle disruption. But, there are not many serious side effects.

Professional waxing – Professional waxing by a certified aesthetician helps pull out the hair directly. The bikini wax usually cleans the entire pubic area completly for a short span. The procedure leads to a robust solution that lasts for two to eight weeks. It is necessary to repeat the treatment. Applying wax over veins, moles, or warts, is not desirable and may cause problems to a considerable extent. The most common side effects include mild rashes and irritation.

Chemical depilation – This treatment makes use of the over-the-counter gel or cream, which weakens keratin. As a result, hair falls out and gets wiped away easily. You can administer this procedure at home; it lasts for a maximum of two weeks. The consequences of chemical depilation treatment include chemical burns, rashes, and blisters. On average, there are numerous possibilities in connection with private hair removal in Chennai. One of the primary examples of it includes laser hair removal treatment. It ranges from Rs.1600 to Rs.2400 per session.

Permanent hair reduction solutions for men

Some men experience an overgrowth of hair that goes out of control. However, there are permanent hair reduction solutions for men.

Laser hair reduction treatment, waxing, electrolysis, and depilatories are the best methods of hair reduction for men’s private parts.  These treatments help with hair reduce at the back, chest, stomach, shoulders, and some other regions. However, it is essential to stay cautious while applying them to genitals. Some treatments take 30 minutes per session. Permanent hair reduction procedures require eight treatment sessions.

Most men and women consider hair removal as an essential aspect of their everyday life.  Permanent hair reduction solutions serve as the best bet in this regard with long term benefits. While there is an overwhelming number of options for you to explore, you need to figure out the right choice. Book an appointment with Welona, Slimming, Skin and Hair Clinic that accommodates experts in the field. We use Gentle Yag Candela – the best and latest technology used for laser hair reduction, get an appointment with our experts today!