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A dermatologist is a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) who is specialised in treating the skin, hair and nails. All dermatologists receive training in the four branches of dermatology such as Clinical dermatology, Cosmetology, Dermatosurgery, and Dermatopathology. However, a dermatologist might choose to further specialize in one of these branches. 

Some trends are followed in dermatology, with growing technological advancements, the entire map of this field has changed and has been increasing enormously ever since. Most of the skin care clinics have calibrated themselves to the changes in this stream, they are well equipped to the growing trends in dermatology. The skincare specialists have been researching about the modifications that dermatology holds in future. 

The most talked-about aspect of dermatology is hair. The ever-changing requirements need to be fulfilled by these hair clinics. Hair clinics need to accommodate the new changes in this industry like partial longitudinal follicular unit extraction

Let us see the recent advances in dermatology in general –

There is a disposal of a wide range of laser equipments, often very similar to each other, which can treat many cutaneous diseases with absolute efficacy and safety. Few examples include- Co2 lasers are used to treat scars, photo damaged skin and Pulsed dye laser are used to treat vascular lesions. Lasers have been revolutionized for years now.

In the future, we can expect laser therapies to be carried out by robotic surgeons with humans controlling the entire surgery.

Biologics are typically a third-line treatment option for patients with psoriasis, autoimmune and connective tissue disorders, who don’t respond or have an insufficient response to topicals, immunosupressants and phototherapy. Choosing a treatment for psoriasis may be challenging due to  the unpredictable and chronic nature of the disease. Biologicals has a very good control of the disease activity in psoriasis. 37% of the 800 dermatology products (approx) in development are biologic agents. The most important feature of biological treatments is that the therapy is target directed. In the light of technological developments, the concept has emerged of treatment that leads to a patient’s specific goal.