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Hair fall, hair thinning, bald patches, and other hair issues are now typical amongst all age groups. There are multiple reasons for hair problems: poor diet, stress, lifestyle, smoking, lack of hair hygiene, medical conditions, and more. Unfortunately, hair problems take a toll on our mental and emotional health while disrupting our personalities. Having healthy and strong hair is something everyone wishes, but it can be extremely traumatic when you experience hair fall. It is when you look for hair growth treatments, but do they work? Before we dive deep into the answer, let us first understand the causes for hair loss:

Causes of Hair Loss

There are many reasons why a person can have hair loss. Just some of the reasons are as follows: 

As mentioned, these are some and are not limited to why one could have hair loss. The best dermatologist in Chennai can help you diagnose the reason for your hair loss and suggest effective hair growth treatments for it.  

Types of Hair Growth Treatments

As is valid with all kinds of conditions, catching them early helps cure hair loss. When you start seeing signs of hair loss or bald patches, it is best to consult an expert in Chennai to see what is going on. The experts can help you grow your hair or give you treatments suitable to your needs. Here are some of the hair growth treatments that are available based on common hair loss conditions:

Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy (PRP)

PRP hair loss treatment is a treatment that helps with hair regrowth. Typically, the doctor draws the patient’s blood and undergoes a centrifugation process that separates the plasma. They then inject the plasma into the areas that have lost hair to increase blood circulation in the area. Also, it supplies blood to the hair follicles to make the hair thicker. 

Growth Factor Therapy

Human growth factors are responsible for stimulating cell proliferation, healing, and development. These growth factors are extracted from the patient’s blood and injected into affected areas of the scalp to counter hair fall or regrow hair. It is one of the most fantastic hair growth treatments with long-lasting effects and treats different issues such as dandruff, bald patches, hair thinning, and more.   

Stem Cell Therapy: 

The stem cell is one of the latest hair growth treatments that rejuvenate hair cells from roots using stem cells. These cells are capable of growing, multiplying, and restoring the necessary nutrients for hair growth. However, not everyone can go for this kind of hair growth treatment. Your skincare doctor in Chennai will do specific tests before determining if you are eligible for this treatment or not.   


This FDA-approved medication tends to help with hair growth. It has, over the years, worked for women and men—however, people whose minoxidil say that it does not cure baldness when you stop using it. You may likely start losing hair after you stop using it. 


A hair loss treatment that treats baldness is a process that helps your body from the growth of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Like Minoxidil, it does not cure hair loss. It slows it down or stops it temporarily. Also, it works on both female and male pattern baldness. However, a severe side effect of using finasteride includes erectile dysfunction. 

Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

It is a light treatment that includes some amount of heat and helps with the growth of hair. This therapy is helpful for both men and women. Different kinds of laser products, such as brushes, caps, combs, etc. that can help revitalize the follicles. However, scientists are still studying this as an option. 

Do Hair Growth Treatments Work

Hair loss can be stressful, and what is worse, having a stressful life can also sometimes lead to hair loss. Many experts have studied the reasons for hair loss and have come up with solutions that help with hair growth or managing your hair. Hair growth treatments do work. However, you need to consult with an expert that you can trust. 

It is essential to research the best dermatologist or hair experts in Chennai. Then, you must have an entire disclosure conversation about the problems, your health, and when you started noticing changes with the experts. After that, diligence in following the expert advice and the treatment is also essential. Finally, noticing and recording the changes. It will help you see how your body is responding to the treatment. 

Best Clinic for Hair Growth Treatments 

Welona in Chennai deals with different kinds of hair growth treatments such as PRP, Stem Cell, and Growth factor therapy. Our experts have years of experience in solving different kinds of hair issues. Before suggesting hair growth treatments, our experts thoroughly examine your scalp and health for a better diagnosis. Our experts decide what kind of hair growth treatments will be suitable for you with the proper diagnosis. Call our experts now