Foolproof Tips for Tan Removal Treatment
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At what point does a tan become harmful to the body? Most of us don’t even tan of our own free will; roaming around in the sweltering heat causes our skin to tan. Some people choose to ignore it, others would rather get rid of it by opting for skin tan removal treatment. Whether obtained willingly or unwillingly, tans can become problematic if there’s too much of it. First, let’s look into what happens to your skin when you soak in the sun.

The Tan Plan

We’ll go over the process of tanning step by step:

Because of this risk, most people who want a tan opt for fake tans nowadays. These involve using chemicals like bronzers to darken their complexion artificially.

So why would you spend money on a tan only to have it removed later on? Most people opt for skin tan removal simply because it doesn’t match well with the rest of their skin anymore. Bear in mind that tanning differs from person to person. People with naturally darker skin tones do not tan (or sunburn) as easily. This is because of an already high melanin content, which acts as a natural shield from the UV rays. 

The Fitzpatrick scale provides a good classification of skin types based on their tendency to tan and sunburn. According to this classification, a Type 1 is very likely to get a sunburn than a tan. At the other end, a Type 6 rarely gets sunburnt because of their dark complexions.

We live in a tropical country. Thus, a lot of us will tan even without actively trying to. These tans manifest themselves as swaths demarcated by our clothing. For example, if you frequently wear half-sleeve shirts, then your forearms will be tanned from the line where your shirt sleeve ends.

Whatever the reason for the tan, skin tan removal is a step taken towards improving one’s appearance, as a personal preference. So how do you go about effectively getting rid of that tan? Let’s dig deeper.

No More Tan

Skin tan removal treatment can be done in 2 broad ways. If you guessed natural and artificial, your guess was correct! Which type of method you pick is absolutely up to your comfort level and preference. We’ll list out various methods below so that you can pick based on the type of tan that you’re seeking to get rid of.

An additional point to note here is that if you don’t want to tan any further, consider getting an effective sunscreen with an adequate SPF factor. This will help shield you from everyday exposure to excess sunlight.

For those who want to go the extra mile for skin tan removal efficiency, there exist artificial methods to go about it. These are performed by trained professionals and offer effective solutions to tanning problems.

Microdermabrasion. This is a procedure where the skin’s complexion is set right by stimulating it with minuscule beads that are powered by a small motor. It is a painless procedure that also exfoliates your skin, giving it a new lease of life.

Laser procedure. With this method, the superficial layer of skin that is tanned is irradiated with a laser. This removes the tan layer while also prepping the skin directly underneath in terms of tone. This method works with pinpoint precision to target the areas that are specifically tanned and is performed at skin clinics with the supervision of trained professionals.

Peels. As a simpler alternative, experts may direct you to use chemical packs to fade the tan. This is done after assessing whether you will have any adverse reactions to this skin tan removal method. After thorough moisturizing and prepping, the packs have to be applied for a short while and then washed off after use. Care must be taken to not irritate the skin after application.

People get skin tans for a variety of reasons, ranging from voluntary to accidental. Skin tan removal treatment is not as daunting as it may seem. You can always reach out to us in case of any queries!