Dermatologists hair recovery tips
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Everyone wishes for a long, beautiful, and bountiful hair just like Rapunzel. In most regions, it is also a person’s pride. Some several beliefs and superstitions revolve around a person’s hair. For example, ancient Indians followed the practice of tonsuring a widow’s hair. Hence none of the other women in the society was allowed to cut or shave her hair. Similarly, ancient Hindu men shaved off the hair and only kept a small tuft at the back, symbolizing their religion and practice. Also, men and women belonging to the Sikh community consider shaving of hair as bad practice or a bad omen.

Some many such ideologies and faiths revolve around this. However, generally speaking, hair adds an extra beauty bead to a person. The whole of society accepts this as a fact. We all want beautiful thick hair that makes us all look prettier.


Hair is an essential component of the human body. It is a defensive structure for the body. 

  • It regulates the body temperature
  • It helps in the process of perspiration. 
  • Hair in sensitive areas like nose, ears and around eyes protects the organs from dust and other small impurities. 
  • Eyelashes regulate the amount of light that our eyes should receive. 

Of all these, the hair on our head is considered more precious. Gone are the days when people are okay with body hair. These days, people do not prefer hair on parts like hands, arms, legs, cheeks, around the lips, etc. Most of them prefer clean and groomed skin. People do anything to care and nourish their hair as they believe, that is what makes them beautiful.


A lot of us put in so much effort to take care of the hair. However, due to various factors, it gets susceptible to damage. Here are the top reasons why people are seeing immense hairfall issues these days:

  • Stress – Stress can be mental or physical turmoil. People tend to lose a lot of hair when they go through extreme anxiety or extreme depression.
  • Diet – A sudden switch or change in diet can also result in hair loss. This is mainly because the intake alters the hormones in the body, which in turn affects the hair growth.
  • Climate – A recent change in climatic conditions are also contributing to hairfall issues. Warmer the temperatures get, more is the hair loss. Also, the inconsistency in the climate alters a person’s body temperature and mechanism.
  • Environment – The environment that we live in these days lack freshness. There’s are only pollutants and dust. These impurities damage the hair texture, which in turn leads to hair loss.
  • Hairstyling – Youngsters and middle-aged people are attracted to an image of how celebrities look. They get inspired by various stars and pretend their hairstyles. What has to be noted is, hairstyling use extensive heat which destroys the hair.
  • Chemicals – With a growing market for the exclusive and big brands of hair care products, people are all set to explore and experiment them. Chemicals like parabens and sulphates destroy the natural shine of hair and weaken the roots, thus leading to hair loss.


There are several ways through which one can arrest hair fall. It can be natural or through clinical-based hair treatment. Dermatologists often suggest a cusp of both or only one of both depending on the requirement and nature of the hair. Here are the most critical and useful hacks from top dermatologists to bind hair fall:

Natural Precautions:
  • Shampooing – Avoid shampoos containing parabens and sulphates.
  • Plucking – Do not pluck your hair unnecessarily that can weaken the roots.
  • Exposure to heat – Avoid exposing your hair to extensive heat as this can damage the hair follicles.
  • Comb – Comb your hair regularly as this will stimulate the hair cells. This rejuvenates the dull hair cells, which help in better growth.
  • Vitamins – Take proper nutrients and vitamins in the diet. Vitamin E is said to have a significant effect on controlling hairfall.
  • Brushing – Avoid brushing your hair while it is still wet. This is because the stands are delicate and can often end up in breakage.
  • Massage – Massaging hair is essential as it wakes up the dull hair cells. Use natural oils that are slightly heated for better effect.
Other Measures:

One of the quickest and easiest methods of working on hairfall is taking up a hairfall treatment. There are many clinics in Chennai that offer hair fall treatment. Various hairfall therapies can be as below:

PRP TreatmentPlatelets are responsible for hair growth. For this treatment, the platelets rich in plasma concentration is extracted from the blood and is injected to hair follicles which stimulates hair growth.

Mesotherapy Treatment – This treatment uses direct injecting of nutrient-rich substances to the hair follicles that generate hair growth by stopping hairfall.

Hair transplant – In this, a donor provides health cells to a receiver which is implanted on the scalp. This prevents and helps from baldness.

Dermatologists provide the most useful tips to hair recovery. It is better to always go for a consultation before jumping to conclusion and self-medication. Reach out to hair loss treatment clinics to get the best advice on how can the issue be handled.