Common Misconceptions Regarding Home Remedies For Obesity
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Obesity is the medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated. The excess fat determines this that a body has. Being obese is different from being overweight. Overweight is when the weight of the body is more which is mostly due to muscle weight, bone weight, or body water. There are a lot of traditional remedies to reduce weight. However, with increased technology, one can get weight loss treatment done in an Obesity clinic. There are various obesity clinics in Chennai. But before understanding that, it is essential to know a little about Obesity.

Excess weight on the body often has adverse effects and leads to many health issues; especially to the heart. The intensity of Obesity is calculated by studying the Body Mass Index/Waist Circumference fat for a person. To treat Obesity, one has to understand the reasons for it.

Here are the causes of Obesity:

Calories – Too many calories lead to Obesity. When a person consumes more than the required amount of food with high calories, they end up storing fat. Zero or minimal physical activity can also contribute to the accumulation of fat in the body. Foods that are high in calories are – Junk, fast foods, fried foods, dairy products, sweetened juices, sodas, carbonated drinks, etc.

  • Minimal physical activity – Another primary reason for Obesity is when the body does not have minimal or has no physical activity. The only way to burn fat from the body is by working out. When the body does not have enough exercise, the accumulated fat does not burn up, thus leading to Obesity.
  • Inadequate Sleep – A sound mind is when there’s a sound body. When a person does not sleep properly, there are hormonal changes. When we are awake, the body produces a hormone called ghrelin which stimulates the appetite. Improper sleep also impacts the body by resulting in less productivity.
  • Medication– Such as Steroids, Anti-Depressants, Anti-Convulsants , and also medical conditions such as Hyperthyroidism, Irregular cycles, Diabetes and Hypertension
  • Genes – For most people, Obesity is in genes. Obesity will impact the off-springs. Hence, it is vital to take care of your body and arrest the problem, so it does not become hereditary.

What are the symptoms of Obesity

Here are pretty straightforward symptoms of Obesity. If one identifies it at the right time and works on it, life becomes much better:

  • Breathlessness
  • Snoring
  • Frequent sweating
  • Inability to work on any physical activity
  • Joint pains
  • Falling tired frequently
  • Psychological distress

 Health effects of Obesity:

Obesity is not an ordinary body disorder or a change in physical body form. It contributes to many other health concerns. Excess fat in the body affects other organs. Here are various health concerns associated with Obesity:

  • Heart Ailments – Obesity results in high blood pressure and increased levels of cholesterol. This can result in heart stroke and other heart diseases.
  • Cancer – Excess fat in the body can also lead to various cancers like Liver, Kidney, Pancreas which can be associated to overweight.
  • Digestive issues – Ailments like liver and gallbladder cancer can lead to digestive problems. These can also be fatal at times.
  • Sleeplessness – Heavy breathing and sweating can make it hard for quality sleep. This can often result in a poor quality of life as the productivity is lowered.
  • Depression – Obese people are often depressed because of body form and excess weight. This leaves them behind in social circles and often be reluctant in being around people. This can also lead to dropped self-confidence and social isolation.
  • Metabolic Disorders-In excess it can cause Hyperthyroidism, Diabetics, Hypertension. 

There are remedies to prevent Obesity. However, there are multiple misconceptions around it. Here’s what they are and a clear picture on the home remedies to beat all the mistakes:

  • Daily exercise – Working out regularly and consistently can help you alter your weight by burning out unwanted fat. If you have a work-life that does not have much of physical activity involved; then you are bound to take up workout as a routine.
  • Size of your plate – Yes, though it sounds weird the size of your plate or the box does matter. Thank the psychological factor. The brain tends to see more food in a smaller plate and less food when the plate is much more significant. This can help you eat in smaller quantities.
  • Timely meals – Cut down frequently eating in a day. Give sufficient gaps between each meal, so the previous meal gets appropriately digested. Do not overload your digestive system.
  • Sleep – Sleep well to keep your mind and body healthy and happy. Good sleep will cut down the need to food craving which will then help in avoiding unnecessary small meals
  • Weight loss treatment – The easiest way to reduce or control weight is to get enrolled in an effective weight loss treatment. There are numerous clinics in Chennai that provide various services for this. 
A glance on weight loss treatments: 

Clinics like WELONA offer FDA approved weight-loss treatments. They have the expertise that can work on the procedures which provide long-term results. Below are the various treatments that they offer:

  • Non-Invasive Liposuction
  • Ultrasound fat reduction
  • Cool Sculpting
  • Radiofrequency to reduce fat 

There are multiple options to get out of Obesity. Consult a trusted doctor to work on this. It is not a beauty statement alone to get the body in shape; but also, a matter of the healthy body. While traditional methods take longer to give results, weight reduction treatments provide faster yet, effective results. Do not keep yourself isolated; come out and talk to someone to get out of the psychological concern about your body weight.