dandruff treatment in Chennai
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Dandruff is itchy, flaky and embarrassing. The dry flakes that come off the scalp are dead skin cells. Almost half the population face this problem. It is hard to get rid of, for many people. Usually, it triggers a lowering of self-confidence. In extreme cases, it might also cause conditions such as seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, fungal infections on the scalp and eczema.

Facts about dandruff:

→ Dandruff is not related to poor hygiene. However, regular washes and combing of hair might reduce the likeliness of it aggravating.

→  There is a huge misconception that dandruff is seen only in the dry scalp. But the truth is that dandruff is often seen in an oily scalp. The yeast buildup in the oily scalp feeds on the oil and this causes dandruff.

→ Dandruff is hard to cure. The treatment for dandruff might show varied results in people. For some people, the over the counter shampoos for dandruff treatment might work, and for others, the treatment might not work and they would be needing an expert’s assistance.

What is the best cure for Dandruff?

Dandruff is a fungus. It is normally seen among people between the age of 15- 50. It need not necessarily be seen only on the hair on the head, it might also appear on the forehead, eyebrows, and even chest hair. The first step you should be taking if you notice those skin flakes are getting an over-the-counter shampoo that helps treat dandruff. Along with this, you could also try some home remedies that might help get rid of dandruff.

Natural dandruff treatments:

→ Lemon for treating dandruff- Lemon is a fruit that is available in all Indian homes. The Anti-fungal and the Anti-bacterial properties of lemon is very helpful in the treatment of dandruff. It is also rich in Vitamin C and anti-oxidants. Mix lemon juice with lukewarm coconut oil and apply to the scalp. Keep it for a while, and wash your hair using a mild shampoo. Continue this for 2 to 3 weeks and you would be able to see results. Mix one part of lemon juice with 2 parts of water and use it as a last rinse after your shampooing.

→ Vinegar for treating dandruff- Firstly, even if you do not have a dandruff problem, vinegar is used to help blood circulation in the head that could be great for brain function. The acetic acid in vinegar kills any bacteria and fungus in the scalp. Add one portion of vinegar with four portions of water and massage gently on the scalp. Continue to do vinegar-wash at least once a week for a few weeks until you see results.

→ Curd for treating dandruff- Curd has properties that help balance the PH level of the scalp and also has acidic properties that help get rid of bacteria and fungus. It is also a good hair conditioner. You can either mix curd with gram flour or egg (easily available at home) and apply it on the scalp. Leave as such for an hour and wash your hair using a mild shampoo.

→ Regular application of tea tree oil and olive oil to the scalp might also help in fighting against the dandruff problem; it is important to wash your hair after an hour or so; do not let the oil stay too long on your scalp.

If your dandruff is persistent even after taking self-treatments, it is definitely time to meet a certified dermatologist who might be able to diagnose your condition and help you with the best treatment.  At Welona, we are experts in providing hair loss treatments for men and women in Chennai and also offer treatments for dandruff and scalp related problems. Book an appointment with Welona to get consultation any hair related problems.