PRP Hair Loss Treatment in Chennai
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Medical research has come up with the novel invent of using the concept of cellular biology to treat hair and skin disorders. Yes, the proven treatment tool is called the Platelet Rich Plasma(PRP), which has got tremendous healing, rejuvenating power within it.

Hair restoration and hair preservation

Platelet is one of the cellular components of the human blood which flows inside the human blood vessels. These platelets by nature have got enormous healing factors inside it, and so this plays a major role in any wound healing that happens on any part of the body including the skin and hair. Lakhs of these platelets are collected in a test tube using the updated lab techniques to yield the so-called Platelet Rich Plasma. When this plasma rich in platelets is given to any structure it shows fascinating healing, rejuvenation and growth and so does your hair and skin. This application of PRP is used at Welona Clinic Chennai for your medical hair restoration and hair preservation on the scalp.

At Welona PRP hair loss treatment clinic, Chennai, we are equipped with the most authentic and medical approved lab techniques and machines to withdraw the blood and process it to yield the maximum number of platelet in the plasma because the results of PRP are mostly dependent on the number of platelets(in lakhs) in the plasma. Welona proudly announces the maximum platelet-rich plasma in one sitting for any patient for better visible results.

We at Welona Clinic at Chennai offers this PRP not only for your hair restoration but also for your skin rejuvenation, anti-ageing and as a package for your post-hair transplant procedure.

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