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Choosing the best shampoo can be baffling if you don’t know your scalp type. Most people make a mistake finding suitable shampoo for themselves because they go by their hair type and not by the scalp. Most people are too lazy to invest time and energy in finding shampoo according to their hair requirements and use whatever they find easy to grab. That is the worst thing you could do to your hair since no shampoo is one-size-fits-all. More than the hair and scalp type, using the right shampoo can aid in treating various hair issues one may have. 

2 out of 5 people may experience a few standard hair issues like dandruff, hair loss, frizzy hair, dull hair, damaged hair, hair thinning, and much more. There is a suitable shampoo for every hair problem. While buying the best shampoo, you may find the list of ingredients present in every bottle. Let us learn more about various hair concerns and choose shampoo accordingly.

Choose the Best Shampoo For Different Hair Issues

Hair Thinning

Hair may lose volume and thickness as people age, diet, nutrient deficiency, or hereditary factors can contribute to hair thinning and hair loss subsequently. Excessive hair loss can even lead to baldness. Consult the best dermatologist in Chennai for the best treatments like PRP Hair Loss Treatment and Hair Regrowth Treatment

If your hair strands are fragile, you need a shampoo that helps you volumize. Always look for a volumizing shampoo that will help you enhance your hair’s volume without weighing it down. Avoid silicone and look for PG-propyl silane triol, hydrolyzed wheat, vitamins B5, C, E, and the star ingredient filloxane in the list.

Dandruff Hair Issues

Dandruff causes white flakes to form on the scalp. It is a harmless, non-inflammatory skin condition that can cause hair loss and is of two types dry and wet. Mainly winters cause the scalp to dry up, and hot water soaks up the scalp’s natural oils. Whereas oily dandruff occurs when excess sebum is secreted by the scalp glands, accumulating along with dust and forming flakes.

Approximately 50% of the adult population suffers from dandruff problems in their lifetime. Common causes of dandruff include dry scalp, cold season, unhealthy diet, stress, frequent coloring, etc. To combat this, you need an anti-dandruff shampoo. The ingredients enriched with dexpanthenol, ichthyol pale, piroctone olamine, lemon oil, and tea tree oil can help alleviate dandruff and improve hair texture.

Hair Fall

It is ok to lose some hair, and studies say we lose around 100 hair strands each day. But if you see extensive hair loss every day, that might be a cause of concern. When choosing the best shampoo to minimize hair fall, choose one that contains natural active ingredients and steer clear of sulfates (myreth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, and ammonium lauryl sulfate), alcohol and its derivatives, propylene glycol, parabens, and phthalates.

Most shampoos accessible do not undergo clinical trials, and thus, they cannot be considered an effective solution for hair loss. However, the ingredients in these shampoos help increase blood flow and reduce hair loss. For major hair issues related to falling and thinning, your dermatologist may suggest undergoing Hair Loss Treatment with lasting results. 

Split Ends

If you have dry and brittle hair, you may have split ends too. Split ends are tiny fork-like damaged hair towards the end that is beyond repair, and the only way to avoid them is to cut them off. 

Causes of split ends could be blow-drying, extensive styling (straightening, curling), exposure to extreme weather conditions, or even use of chemical products. Three main ingredients that can nourish your dry hair are sweet almond oil, panthenol, and argan oil. Go for a shampoo that offers these, and it will help your hair gain the lost moisture.

Oily Scalp

Oily scalp is one of the most high maintenance scalp types, as it requires washing hair every alternate day because of the secretion of oil. People with greasy scalp may need to shampoo every day if excess oil does not come out thoroughly. Too much shampooing and conditioning can be detrimental to your hair and may backfire. To prevent this, always choose your shampoo, keeping in mind the ingredients. Many essential oils effectively regulate glandular oil production, like rosemary, lavender, basil, peppermint, lemongrass, tea tree, and ylang-ylang.

For oily scalp, never go for shampoos that are moisturizing or oil-based. Opt for balancing, strengthening, and volumizing shampoos. It helps remove excess oil and doesn’t add much moisture to the hair. Salicylic acid is also helpful in cleaning and eliminating buildup on your scalp. If you have an excessively oily scalp, invest in daily clarifying shampoo, it is gentle on your skin and will remove excess oil. Another option is super clarifying shampoo; using this fortnightly will clean any buildup that may settle on your scalp.

Premature Greying

Grey hair is often associated with aging, heredity, and stress. While that is true, there is more to it. Our hair loses color as melanin production slows down and grey hair increases. To hide and cover your grey hair, instead of hurrying into going for any chemical treatment, consider trying a shampoo for grey hair, which is designed just for that.

It is best to consider a shampoo loaded with natural additives to treat grey hair. Gooseberry, henna, berberry, or neem are some examples of natural ingredients. These ingredients have vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help restore hair’s texture while keeping the scalp hydrated and hair moisturized.

Best Dermatology Clinic For Hair Issues 

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