Dry skincare
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Dry skin is one of the most common problems both men and women face. It is not usually severe but may contribute to early ageing and skin issues. So, it is crucial not to let your skin dry, especially during the winter seasons. There are many reasons why you might have dry skin. However, here is a list of reasons that one may suffer from dry skin:

Top 7 Reasons for Dry Skin in Winter 

Winter Causes Dry Skin

One of the most common reasons for having dry skin in winter. When the atmosphere is cold and dry, there is every likelihood that your skin will lose moisture. It can leave your lips chapped and your skin flaky. Therefore, it is vital to protect your skin from the changes in the weather.  

Long hot or cold water showers

Extreme temperatures affect the skin adversely. Make sure that the water is neither too hot nor too cold. Additionally, it is essential to remember that the bath ought not to last too long. Also, after a shower, it is suggested that one does not rub yourself dry. Instead, you should try and pat yourself dry.    

Indoor heating

As much as indoor heating can make you feel warm in the winters, it hardly helps. Winters tend to restrict your movement outside the house, but the dry air indoors can dry your skin out. When there is too much exposure to dry indoor heating, some of the few outcomes include nose bleeds, lips being chapped and throat issues.  


You tend to sweat a lot less during winters. Therefore, sometimes you may ignore the amount of water and liquids you will need to keep your body hydrated. When your body is not hydrated enough, your skin will lose a healthy look and look dryer. This is because of dehydration.      

Washing hands too often

It is great to wash your hands frequently. However, most people forget to moisturise their hands after washing. The skin loses its moisture when washed often. Also, it makes your skin look unhealthy. So, it is essential to keep moisturising.   

Not using enough moisturiser

Body lotion and adding oils to the mix to take care of your skin are essential aspects of skin care. If you do not add oil or ensure that you are using body lotion from time to time, you might suffer from dry skin. This lack of support can make your skin dry and itchy.

The clothes you wear

Certain fabrics can cause an increase in dryness in the skin. This is particularly true for people that have sensitive skin. It is recommended that you watch how your body responds to different kinds of fabrics. For instance, if it is freezing, try to layer your clothes to protect the skin with soft material such as cotton, and then wear other protective clothing. 

7 Ways to take care of dry skin during the winter season

When you suspect that you have dry skin, you can do things to help take care of your skin. The more things you do, the better your skin responds during the winter season. 

Use Moisturizer

Moisturizer is essential all year round, not just in winter. There are many options like dry skin cream that are specifically made for your skin to battle the dry winter skin. It is vital to make sure that you moisturise your different parts of the body after washing it. This is because washing your skin takes away the oil in the skin. 

Stay Hydrated

No matter what the weather outside, it is essential to remember that our body has about 70% water. It means that the cells need to be replenished with fluids to help your skin look and stay healthy. Especially during winters, you must continuously keep replenishing your body with healthy fluids because you sweat a lot less.

Oil Therapy For Dry Skin

There are many forms of oils and oil therapies that can keep your skin healthy, plump and refreshed during winters. Take the time to either do it yourself or go to a specialist to get an oil massage or oil therapy. Something as simple as applying coconut oil can help your skin heal and make you feel much better. 

Skin Care Routine

Having a skin care routine to take care of your skin is certainly something you must focus on. The skin care routine might need to be changed based on the weather and your skin type. Find a skin specialist doctor in Chennai who can give you the right kind of routine perfect for your skin type. Do follow it and see the difference yourself.

Night Care Routine

Having a night care routine or overnight treatment is a significant way to keep your skin vitalised. Substances such as Emollients can help with making your skin feel fresh in the morning and moisturised. Ensure that you massage it well in your hands and feet before going to bed. 

Try Home Remedies

Some home remedies you can follow are not using water in extreme temperatures. Try and use a humidifier in the house to keep the environment moist; eat food rich in antioxidants and Omega 3 for healthier skin. Additionally, use light soaps that are not very harsh on the skin.  

Visit Dermatologist For Dry Skin

When you have tried everything and still have dry skin, make sure to meet with an expert dermatologist. Find a skin specialist doctor in Chennai to get an informed opinion to help with your dry skin issues during the winter season. The experts will be able to suggest the right kind of treatments.   

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