weight loss treatment for overweight
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Many people that are overweight are body shamed from time to time. They are urged to cut down on how much they eat and also consider weight loss treatment. When your Body Mass Index (BMI) means your weight is not according to the height, you are often named “unhealthy.”. 

However, the answers to such criticism are not that straightforward usually. BMI does not always reflect the health of the person. People mistake body composition, fat, BMI, and so on to indicate if the person is fit or not. People often miss being overweight or obese and healthy because of muscle weight rather than fat or flab. Especially in a few sports and games, weight is not frowned upon.

That said, being overweight or obese can be a significant strain on your mind and emotions, and there can be fixes. Some reasons why a person could be overweight or obese include the following.

Different Reasons for Weight Gain


Being overweight is often associated with a bad diet. It means having fried food, junk food, and stuff that does not provide the proper protein and vitamins to the body. Consuming food high in sugar, such as aerated drinks, can also directly add to the fat in the body. It is also crucial to watch your diet and focus on the food you eat. When one is distracted as one eats, they may tend to eat more or overeat that causes weight gain. Turning to food when depressed can also lead to issues with weight. When upset, this go-to food makes you unwell rather than providing energy to your system to help your health. 


Genes are something to consider when you look at weight. No, this is not an escape excuse but a genetic outcome if your family has specific syndromes and genetic traits. Parents send down issues of the body, and this also includes being overweight. It is undoubtedly a lot more difficult for people that have genetic problems to lose weight. Additionally, environmental issues may lead to obesity because of the sheer food they consume from their childhood.

Medical conditions

There are a few kinds of medical conditions that can lead to excess weight or obesity. Issues such as thyroid, Cushing’s Syndrome, and steroid hormones can all lead to alteration in weight. Additionally, medication for schizophrenia, antidepressants, and so on can also lead to weight gain. What’s more, as they go about getting better, they tend to get ridiculed for it. One other thing, among others, getting out of addiction to smoking also could cause weight gain. So, be kind to those that are trying to quit any habit as well.     


Exercise always helps. Inactivity leads to obesity. But you need just the right amount of activity to keep your body healthy. Try to exercise more to get your body healthy. But remember, the focus is on being healthy, not losing weight. You could be a couch potato lying in bed watching TV or playing games and looking lean. What makes you fit in the physical activity you can do, not how you look physically. Therefore, add exercise to your system.  

Calories Intake

What and how much are you eating or drinking? All of this adds to the calories intake in the body. Typically, women need about 2000 calories while their male counterparts may require up to 2500 calories. So, again it depends upon how you handle the food that you consume. Where you make the right choices and how you figure out intake to make it help your body. 

When Do You Need Weight Loss Treatment?

According to Statista, about 39% of the adult population were obese in 2019, and the number is increasing. There are a few ways to prevent obesity. In today’s day and age, many modern weight loss treatments can give you quick results. But you must first understand when you need the weight loss treatment. Here are some of the reasons to visit a doctor for weight loss treatment:

According to several studies, people with obesity are trying to lose weight on their own without expert advice. Some people also go with diet pills, creams, and lotions to dispose of fat from the body. For some, it might work, but most people need expert advice, training, and treatments. 

There are many weight loss treatments available such as liposuction, CoolSculpting, Ultrasound fat reduction, Radiofrequency, and so on, that offer promising results. Visit an expert board-certified dermatologist to know your options. 

Overall the whole process of being overweight does not mean you are unhealthy. However, it is essential to know that being overweight does come with its set of issues. It can cause several health issues. Therefore, as much as it is not suitable to be condescending about weight gain, it is also required to keep your health in check to stay healthy. Weight gain can cause issues like diabetes, obesity and body shaming, and all the other problems. 

Best Clinic for Weight Loss Treatment

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