Stretch marks treatment
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Remove Stretch Marks Effectively 

When you hear about stretch marks, what do you think of? In all likelihood, you will think of pregnancy. It is a common misconception that only pregnancy causes stretch marks. The truth is, anyone can get stretch marks. According to research, 43 – 88% of pregnant women, 6 – 86% of teens, and 43% of obese people experience stretch marks. Let us understand what it is and how to remove stretch marks effectively.  

What is a Stretch Mark?

Otherwise known as striae distensae, stretch marks are dermal scars that you might notice suddenly on your different body parts. These marks are a bane for everyone looking to have frim, youthful and flawless skin. In medical terms, stretch marks are small tears in the second layer of skin called demis that cause scarring. These marks occur when the skin tissue loses its elasticity due to stretching. 

The stretching of the skin is mainly associated with rapid weight gain or weight loss. The collagen and elastin break down during this period. The skin, however, heals over a while but leaves the scar that is known as stretch marks. These can be annoying just in how it looks, not necessarily cause physical discomfort or pain. You may feel like a bump on the stretch mark areas. They typically appear on your breasts, thighs, stomach, buttocks, and upper arms. 

What Causes Stretch Marks?

There are a few common reasons because of which stretch marks may appear on your skin, and they are directly the outcome of weight changes. Following are the reasons you may have stretch marks:

  • Growth spurts: This happens to kids as puberty occurs. Sudden growth spurts can cause stretch marks because of changes in how your body responds to growth.  
  • Pregnancy: Pregnancy tends to change your hormones and your body. As the baby develops, the skin stretches before and after delivery could lead to stretch marks.
  • Weight: A sudden weight change, a sudden loss or gain, can cause stretch marks. 
  • Weight training: If you have experienced rapid muscle growth or a drop in muscle growth, you might experience stretch marks.
  • Medical Conditions: Few medical conditions can cause stretch marks on your body. These include conditions such as Cushing’s syndrome.

Again, it is essential to emphasize that they do not cause physical harm but can cause emotional distress and anxiety. Therefore, the sooner you remove stretch marks, the better. 

How to Prevent Stretch Marks?

There are a few things that we can do to get ahead of the stretch marks problem. It is essential to figure out how to take care of stretch marks before they arrive. Some things that you can do to prevent stretch marks include the following:

  1. Moisturize: Getting enough moisturizers in vulnerable areas to stretch marks does help your skin heal. Moisturizing your skin twice a day is good for your skin and also great for how you can feel. If nothing else, it keeps your skin moisturized.
  2. Try Oil Therapy: One of the most effective ways to remove stretch marks or prevent them is to catch them early and regularly apply oil. Stretch marks first look pink and soon turn red, purple, and finally white. You can do nothing much when they turn white, but oil therapy can be effective to remove stretch marks if you catch them in pink color. Try coconut oil or essential fatty acid oils for your stretch marks. 
  3. Eat healthily: There is no substitute for healthy diet. A well-balanced diet gives your body a lot more sustenance. Fruits and vegetables such as Mango, apricots, carrots, sweet potatoes, and spinach are excellent sources to help you stretch marks. 
  4. Exercise regularly: Something that works well for the body is to exercise. Be it yoga or becoming a runner, keeping an active life helps you. Remember it is not how much you exercise as much as it is essential to see how regularly you do.  
  5. Talk to a specialist: If the stretch marks are spreading over a more significant part of your body, it is undoubtedly time to consult a doctor. The doctor can help determine the causes for it and how to remove it. 

Best ways to treat stretch marks effectively 

When you go to the best dermatologist in Chennai, there are multiple options they can provide to remove stretch marks. Some of them include:

  1. Creams: Tretinoin cream helps restore collagen on the skin. Collagen helps give your skin elasticity. It is a fibrous protein and helps restore the skin. However, it is essential to remember that you do not use it when you are pregnant and monitor how your skin responds. 
  2. Fractional Photothermolysis: It is very similar to laser therapy. It targets specific parts of the skin to ensure that it can heal your stretch marks. Also, it helps lessen skin damage. 
  3. Co2 Laser Treatment: Co2 Laser Treatment is one of the best treatments for getting rid of stretch marks. The treatment penetrates deep into the skin to remove deeper and thicker scars. Moreover, Co2 Laser treatment also helps to reduce pain and itching. It works well even for older stretch marks and other skin scars. However, make sure you pick a board-certified dermatologist for getting our done. 
  4. Pulsed dye laser therapy: This therapy is similar to Fractional Photothermolysis because it is also a form of laser treatment. It works well for newer stretch marks. It is an effective therapy for a host of skin conditions and handles skin changes that happen as you age. 
  5. Excimer laser: This is a process that stimulates skin color. It helps with the process of re-pigmentation in the general area where you have stretch marks. It takes multiple sittings but is yet considered an effective way to focus on producing melanin on the skin that helps. 
  6. Microdermabrasion: Microdermabrasion takes care of the skin to lessen stretch marks and reveal skin under stretch marks. It can help make your old stretch marks look better. 

Best Dermatology Clinic in Chennai To Remove Stretch Marks

While no treatment can permanently remove stretch marks, many effective treatments can help you. Welona is one of the best skincare clinics in Chennai if you are looking for stretch marks treatment. We use laser resurfacing treatment and other methods to remove stretch marks effectively. We use ablative and non-ablative lasers to remove the upper layer of skin. The fresh skin appears smoother and healthier. Our experts will suggest the treatment according to the stretch mark types and suitable for your skin. Talk to our experts now!