Complete laser hair removal guide
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Body hair is something that women and men alike have been struggling with over the years. Some solutions that have evolved over the years are waxing, shaving, tweezing, sugaring, and plucking. None of these solutions has been adequate for the people that need a more permanent solution. Laser hair reduction treatment is what provides a more permanent solution that is low risk and effective. 

Who Should Undergo Laser Hair reduction

Anyone can undergo this treatment. People that have fine hair may respond a lot less effectively to the treatment. That said, different lasers can be used for your skin and hair type to provide the best solutions. You will need to consult with experts in Chennai for what works best for you.  

Body Parts that are Treated

Laser hair reduction treatment covers many body parts where you want to remove your unwanted hair. The option tends to work best for everyone. Just some of the areas include:

Benefits of Laser Hair Reduction

Getting a laser hair treatment has a host of benefits. The foremost benefit is that it removes hair that you find annoying. More importantly, it is also a quick and relatively painless process, given that it has a great success rate. It is vital when compared to how painful the process of waxing and plucking is for you to endure. Long time solution is an essential aspect of the treatment. If you follow the instructions of an expert dermatologist in Chennai and get the correct number of sessions required for you, there will be no looking back, and you will be free of the annoying hair growth. 

Preparing for the Treatment

Typically, experts encourage you to let your hair grow for about four to six weeks before your laser treatment. You might want to shave or cut your hair during this time, but you are encouraged not to wax or do any plucking. It is to ensure that the natural hair growth is not disturbed. Laser hair reduction treatment focuses on your hair’s roots. When you wax or pluck, it removes the hair temporarily. 

Also, it would be best if you protect yourself from exposure to the sun. Prolonged sun exposure reduces the success rate of the treatment. More importantly, speak to the expert to ensure you are ready for the treatment and what other precautions you need to take.  

What to Expect From the Treatment

Often extra hair is trimmed off to make the cleaning more effective. The experts then adjust the laser to suit your body type. It includes fixing the colour of your skin, the thickness of the hair, the area and more.  

Typically, you are given protective gear for your eyes to protect them from the laser and light source. The pulse of light is then used in a particular area to see if your skin responds appropriately to the treatment. After performing the checks, the treatment goes on for the rest of the body parts. 

You might need cold gel during treatment to cool the area and protect your skin. Finally, after the process is over, you will be given an ice pack. Note that you will need more than one session, so talk to your dermatologist accordingly. This laser treatment will continue till the hair in the general area stops growing.  

There might be a feeling of little discomfort for the next two days. Applying moisturizer and cool compress can help you feel better. You also should apply sunscreen on your skin to protect yourself from harsh skin rays. 

There are usually no side effects but rarely you might see redness on the skin. You must monitor your skin, and if it becomes a little too challenging to handle, you must consult a specialist.  

Number of Sessions Required

Typically the sessions will last depending on the person. Your dermatologist will determine the session based on the area, skin type, hair thickness, response to the treatment, etc. Usually, experts suggest that you have a treatment session with a gap of four to six weeks. Also, it is not abnormal to have about 5-7 sessions for the best results. Make sure you do not wax between sessions. 

Cost of the Laser Hair Reduction In Chennai

As is true for all kinds of treatments, the cost of the treatment will vary based on the patient’s requirements and scenario. Also, the price based on the area of the body can change. For instance, just getting your treatment for the arm will be a lot less expensive than getting a full leg laser treatment done. Additionally, the cost also depends on the kind of clinic you go to get it done. Do your research to locate the best place with experienced professionals who can support you pre and post-procedure. 

Research & Consultation

You have to research and find the right experts who can help you with the treatment. Some of the crucial things you have to look out for before you pick the expert for you are: 

Best Laser Hair Reduction Clinic in Chennai

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