Laser Hair Removal
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Let’s face it, unwanted hair can be embarrassing, and most hair removal methods do not give satisfactory results. Waxing is painful, creams give rashes, and shaving brings back thicker and darker hair. Also, not to forget all of these methods are temporary. Depending upon the body hair growth, removing it can be annoying and distressing. Removing unwanted hair is more than a beauty regime. Having smooth, hairless and blemish-free skin makes you feel clean, beautiful and confident. Apart from aesthetics, one of the most significant factors to remove unwanted hair is hygiene. Hair tends to trap dirt and sweat in various parts of the body, and it could cause infections. So it is a great idea to get rid of unwanted hair, especially if it stops hair growth. Laser hair removal is one such option that prevents unwanted hair growth over a period of time.     

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser Hair reduction or removal is a medical process where body hair is treated with laser light to stop hair regrowth. Despite being one of the latest technologies for hair removal, it is widely accepted across the world. The technology affects the anagen stage, which is the active growth phase of hair follicles. 

The laser beam is crafted with accurately controlled pulses of light that the melanin or pigment of the body absorbs through the laser equipment. It reaches the skin’s active hair follicles, safely destroys them, and prevents future growth without affecting any surrounding tissues. The process is otherwise known as photothermal destruction. 

Most people require a course of about six to eight sessions, after which the hair will be reduced or removed permanently. It may then eliminate the need to wax, shave or pluck unwanted hair from various areas of the body. The treatment also leaves the skin to appear smooth and even. 

Can Everyone Go for this Treatment?

Laser hair removal works on most skin types. Earlier, the ideal candidates for such treatments were fair people with dark hair. However, today, most skin types can opt for lasers, thanks to the advancement in technology. These days, the technology has evolved to treat darker skin complexion by a wavelength that bypasses the epidermis to eliminate hair follicles. All you need to make sure is consult the best skin doctor in Chennai who has experience in performing laser hair removal treatments. The areas that your doctor can treat for laser hair removal include:

  1. Chest
  2. Back
  3. Shoulders
  4. Neck
  5. Bikini line
  6. Face (except for the eye area)
  7. Hands
  8. Legs
  9. Underarms
  10. Glute(Butt)
  11. Tummy

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent? 

After you have your first session with laser hair removal, you will immediately notice a reduction in the density of hair on your skin. Two to eight weeks later, you may see hair growing back as not all hair follicles respond to the treatment equally. Some people experience faster hair growth, while some have lesser growth, so the number of sessions will depend on the density and growth of your body hair. 

You will need three to eight sessions to achieve permanent hair loss in the treated area. Later on, you might need a session once a year. It is also possible that your hair may not regrow for years after treatment. Laser treatment will reduce the density of the hair permanently, and it depends upon the following factors:

Currently, the laser treatment is not available for grey hairs with no melanin. It is best to get a consultation with your doctor and know your options. 

Is It Safe? 

Yes, laser hair removal is one of the safest methods for removing unwanted body hair. Even the process is painless. In case a sensitive area of the body is getting treated, your dermatologist may apply numbing cream before using the laser equipment. Some patients may feel a tingling sensation or a rubber band snapping on the area, which is typically painless.   

Like any other procedure, you might have some temporary side effects. These include the following: 

These can just be reactions to the treatment and goes away with the prescribed medication from your doctor. Severe side effects such as excessive hair growth, hyperpigmentation, scarring, blisters etc., are very rare in laser hair removal treatment. You need not worry about the side effects if your doctor is experienced in providing laser hair removal treatments. 

Why is Laser the best treatment for hair removal?

We all love smooth, beautiful and hair-free skin. Wearing your favourite dress and jumping into the pool, and not worrying about body hair being seen. Also, t gives you a unique sense of freedom and confidence when body hair does not interrupt your daily life. Laser treatments are certainly better than painful waxing, shaving or even electrolysis because none of those treatments can give you a permanent reduction of body hair.     

Some of the popular options for laser hair removal are:

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