Reasons of weight gain
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India ranks 3rd in the Global Obesity Index after the USA and China. Obesity is a severe problem, and the rising numbers are worrying. That’s because obesity comes with many other diseases, including diabetes, stroke, coronary heart disease, osteoarthritis, and more. Thankfully, there are promising weight loss treatments available across the nation to help people get in shape and healthy. Most weight loss treatments in Chennai are non-invasive such as laser weight loss treatment and cool sculpting. However, it is always better to understand what contributes to weight gain and what you can do to keep the excess fat away from your body.  

Top Reasons for Weight Gain,

Weight gain is a result of excessive fat deposits in the body. Different reasons can contribute to weight gains, such as genetic factors, inactive lifestyle, thyroid issues, certain medications, sleep disorder, Cushing’s syndrome and depression. However, the top reason for excessive weight gain is unhealthy eating habits. Here is some food that contributes to weight gain:  

Sugary Food

Food that is high in sugar, including sweets and sodas, tends to make you gain weight. Therefore, obesity is a problem, especially for people that consume excessive sugar. Apart from causing obesity, people with too much sugar-based food also run the risk of diabetes. 

Deep-fried food

There is a nostalgia attached to eating pakodas or bajji during the monsoons and as snacks. However, you have to be careful not to make that a habit. You have to ensure that you have those indulgences far and few. Just ensure that you let it be what it is, an indulgence.    

Junk Food 

We all like our burgers, pizzas, pastries and cakes. But be warned these fall under the ambit of junk food that does more harm than good to your body. Processed food also comes under this and has preservatives. But that said, they tend to have many high calories and will take you longer to burn.   


Overeating is one of the most common sources of weight gain. Often we take food when we are going through emotional ups and downs. If we have nothing to do, we tend to walk down to the fridge or kitchen to find something to munch on. It is essential to keep a tab on it and watch what you eat and how much you eat.   

Fast Eating

Often the time it takes for you to eat is a lot faster than for your body to digest it. So, take your time to eat and give your body the time to process it. Your body will consume what you eat over some time, so be mindful and eat slowly and healthy.  

Health issues

Most people do not see this as an issue because of the stigma attached about weight gain. However, if you take care of your intake and keep a tab on what you eat, yet have weight gain issues, talk to a doctor. There are many health issues, such as thyroid, that could cause weight gain. You should instead speak to an expert. 

Lifestyle Changes and Weight Loss Treatment

It is essential to understand that there are weight loss and weight gain issues that you must watch out for. Delaying any problem only makes it worse. Especially when it comes to weight gain and weight loss, it impacts human emotion as well. Here are some things you can do to help deal with this issue if you are facing it:

Eat in Portions

Divide your meals. Make it smaller portions throughout the day. It will help your body feel nourished and help you avoid overeating. We know that we tend to eat a lot more when we are craving food than our body requires. Instead, have food at regular intervals to keep your metabolism working.

Make Food choices

It does not mean you cannot indulge in treating yourself from time to time. Make the right kind of choices, and then take that day off when you want to indulge. For example, include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables as part of your meal. Also, avoid processed food in your meals.

Eat Slow

Enjoy your food; it is only one of the primary things that you work towards. Take the time to enjoy it, eat slowly, chew your food well, and make a connection with your food. It will help your body find it easier to digest your food. Process your food with all your senses. 

Exercise Regularly

Exercise is an essential aspect of a person’s life, despite weight issues. Exercise will help you stay healthy and fit. No matter what your favourite form of exercise is, make sure you spend some time doing it daily. A healthy start always makes for a healthy day.

Speak to an expert 

If you think you are doing everything right but still have issues with your weight, speak to an expert. Not just nutrition and dietitian teams but also get tests for other health issues. There are multiple weight loss treatment options that experts can provide. 

Weight Loss Treatments

Apart from following a healthy lifestyle, you can opt for the best weight loss treatment in Chennai. There are many safe and effective non-invasive options for fat reduction, such as laser liposuction, ultrasound fat reduction, body sculpting, cool sculpting, radiofrequency fat reduction and more. Consult the best weight loss clinic in Chennai and get expert consultation before getting to the treatment.     

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