Prp Hair Loss Concise Guide
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There are many reasons why one could have hair loss over the years. Hair loss could be hereditary, because of illness, excessive sweating, bad dietary habits, and more. However, there is a technology that can help you to grow your hair back. PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is a non-surgical option to deal with hair loss and baldness. PRP helps increase hair growth in areas where there are existing follicles. It is non-invasive, safe and requires little downtime with hardly any side effects. It is an easy and almost painless treatment, which has been helping people that suffer from hair loss and receding hairlines.   

Though there is a buzz about the name PRP, people often do not know what it entails. Here is a concise guide to provide you details about PRP hair loss therapy procedure and cost. 

This procedure, simply put, entails the following four steps after you sign up for the treatment:

This said, before you even consider taking on the PRP treatment, there is something you must recognize. There will be things you will have to discuss with your doctor that is going to deal with your treatment. There are some things you have to be candid about explaining to them. They include information about: 

Be clear to answer all the doctor’s questions in as much detail as possible. This will help them determine if this procedure is good for you, or could further cause harm to the body. For instance, if you are on blood thinners, or are a heavy smoker or drink a lot of alcohol, the doctor may potentially ask you to not go through the procedure. Also, if you are suffering from diseases like cancer, metabolic disorder, platelet dysfunctional syndromes, low platelet count, thyroid and so on, the PRP treatment might not be the ideal solution for you to contain your hair loss.   

It is important to remember that though this is a non-surgical procedure and seems seamless at the outset, the kind of place you get it done also plays an important role. Ensure that you research the clinic and ensure that you are comfortable with the person giving you this treatment. In some cases, this treatment may be required for up to a period of 6 months, so trust in the doctor is very important. 

Finally, as much as this non-surgical procedure, injections do sometimes have their own side effects. There could be infections, calcification, scar tissue, and so on. Some people also have complained of side effects like numbness, mild pain, itching, swelling, temporary bleeding at the injected area and so on. So, ensure that you factor in all this before taking the decision. However, PRP is the latest approach to deal with hair loss and pattern baldness and there is scientific evidence suggesting great results from the procedure. 

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