PRP Hair Treatment Review
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Platelet-rich plasma or PRP is a treatment that is used to help restore hair growth. This treatment is administered by doctors that have experience and expertise in this area and have helped many people over the years to regain their hair loss. Baldness is a problem that not just affects the hair, in some people, it also impacts them emotionally and therefore a lot of them turn towards this treatment to restore the original look that they had prior to them suffering from hair loss. There have been many PRP hair treatment reviews available online, this article gives you a bird’s eye view review of what it is and how it can help you. 

Understanding PRP

PRP is a non-invasive procedure when a doctor takes a patient’s blood and processes a machine called a centrifuge. This machine spins rapidly to separate the different components in the blood. The important aspect of the blood that doctors use is the platelets that get separated. These platelets are then injected into the scalp where there is hair loss. This is a process that is done over a period of time and is considered a fairly painless process. There are however some restrictions in terms of what you consume during the process but is fairly easy to follow and go through. This procedure typically requires multiple sittings and each process takes about an hour allowing the person receiving the treatment to return to their everyday chores after. The PRP for hair loss cost may vary depending on the doctor you choose to consult. 

Effectiveness of PRP

There have been multiple papers published about how effective PRP is. The researchers have had contradicting views about the effectiveness of PRP. One of the research findings from 2019 that appeared in the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery did an analysis of 11 research papers with 262 participants. The general outcome was that PRP was an effective way to reduce hair loss and increase the density of hair growth. However, they acknowledged that the sample size might be a little too small to determine with surety. 

Side effects of PRP

The side effects of PRP are far and few. One of the primary reasons for minimum side effects is because the person’s own platelets are injected into their own body. However, some minor side effects reported have been:

Pros or Advantages of PRP

Some of the advantages of PRP include the following: 

Cons or Disadvantages of PRP

As non-invasive as the process could be, the minute you have an injection injected, there are certain risks that you are surrendering your body to. This includes the following: 

Finally, hair loss has been a problem people have been suffering from time immemorial, and experts have been trying to find different solutions to the problem. Recently, however, there has been increasing debate on PRP vs Stem Cell therapy for hair. Needless to say, PRP just because of the ease of the procedure, the little recovery time and the non-invasive nature of it, is increasingly becoming a go-to option for many to treat their hair loss issue. With more and more people using this procedure, certainly, the number of PRP hair treatment reviews are also increasing, leading to better answers to any questions about PRP with the increase in sample size.