Natural Ways To Improve Hair Growth
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Maintaining one’s hair in perfect and pristine condition is something that requires consistent time and effort. Most people get by with the bare minimum in terms of hair care, partly because of the time constraints that come with living a busy life. More often than not, we tend to cut corners by opting for over-the-counter cosmetics and chemical products for our hair. 

While these promise to offer holistic and comprehensive solutions to keep your hair supple and strong, there’s a layer of cons that come with the pros they offer. While there are other factors involved in hair health, one can’t deny that overuse of chemical products is detrimental to hair growth in the long run. Some of the complications that arise from neglect of hair health and poor upkeep:

If your hair health deteriorates beyond a certain limit, it can lead to further contributions like alopecia. This will result in you having to shell out money to avail hair loss treatment from hair care clinics. It’s an expense you can avoid with a little attention and care to your hair every day. 

As we mentioned before, however, chemical products aren’t necessarily the way to go, especially if you’re already experiencing hair loss. Whether you’re looking to improve your hair health or want your hair loss to stop, going natural is the ideal solution in either case. There are a plethora of natural commodities that are known to have therapeutic effects on hair, strengthening it in the long run.

The benefits of natural methods for professional hair care are manifold. Hair growth and thickness are two parameters that can fluctuate based on various factors. Natural methods work wonders for hair without disturbing the equilibrium of the scalp.

Some of the benefits of natural hair growth methods are:

– Lesser risk of side effects

– Cheaper on the wallet/purse

– Easy to source products

– Easy to implement

Taking some time out every day to care for your hair through the natural way can make the difference between jaded and supple hair. Let’s take a look at the natural methods to improve hair health.

1) Eggs

One of the simplest ways you can boost your hair health is by the use of eggs. Using two egg yolks and some olive oil, you can quickly concoct a mixture which you can then massage thoroughly onto your scalp. After letting it sit for around fifteen minutes, you can rinse it off your scalp as you would with a shampoo wash. This quick-fix provides much-needed protein to your scalp, boosting hair thickness and growth.

2) Aloe Vera

If you’re not at ease making your own mixture of natural products, aloe vera is there to save the day. This miracle plant is readily available as gels or lotions from your nearby chemists or organic stores. It works the same way it does for your skin, apply regularly and watch the positive results! Using aloe vera once a day should be more than sufficient for guaranteed hair growth results.

3) Avocadoes

These unassuming fruits are actually rich in health benefits. They’re an excellent source of vitamin E, which is known to be beneficial towards the hair thickness. As always, you’ll need some oil (preferably olive). Mush the avocadoes up nicely into a fine paste, using the oil as and when necessary to get the right consistency. Spread it evenly on your scalp, and let it soak in for around half an hour, following which you should rinse the mix off your head thoroughly. The process may be time-consuming, but you can squeeze in a few sessions here and there!

4) Vitamin B

Unlike the ones before this, vitamin B is not something you apply topically on your hair or scalp. What it is, though, is an excellent supplement to hair growth. As most hair care specialists would tell you, fighting hair loss isn’t just about hair. To keep your hair in good condition, supplement your diet with adequate amounts of vitamin B. If you’re wondering where you can find it, vitamin B is abundant in whole grains, leafy vegetables, citrus fruits and seeds like almonds. You can also obtain it as dietary supplements.

5) Onion Juice

This is a tested method that has been used the world over across ages for promoting hair growth. You will need a juice extractor for this technique. After chopping a few onions and running them through a blender, you will have to extract the juice through a straining cloth. Dab it onto your head using a suitable cloth or cotton, and let it soak. The smell is not exactly pleasant, but it’s a small price to pay for hair health! Leave it on for ten to fifteen minutes, and rinse it off thoroughly. The sulphur content of onions is the key to better hair here.

6) Green tea

Green tea is great for overall health, but it offers more benefits to hair growth than you may realize. It neutralizes DHTs which are known to be a major hair loss contributor, thanks to its high catechin content. With a healthy dose of green tea every day, you can help your hair regain its lustre. Around 3 cups a day should be more than enough to supplement your hair’s health.

7) Lemons

Lemons can be effectively used to condition your hair to better thickness, thanks to its vitamin C content. All you have to do is slice a lemon and squeeze the juice out, and apply the juice extract on your scalp by massaging. After ten minutes, you can rinse the juice off your head, thereby cleansing your scalp. Natural hair care can really be as simple as that!

All these methods are simple and can be formulated right within your home. It goes without saying, however, that if you’re exhibiting any side effects, consult a hair care specialist without any further ado. Don’t forget to make conscious changes to supplement these techniques as well. Quit smoking, don’t blow-dry your hair at full blast and cleanse your hair regularly. These are intuitive changes. Stimulating hair growth the natural way is hassle-free and straightforward. Give it a shot today!