Dead Skin Cells
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Our skin goes through change every month almost where dead skin is replaced with new skin. This is called dead skin, it has done it’s bit and gives way to new skin. The upper layer that eventually sheds is called the epidermis, and thnew skin is called dermis and is considered the middle layer of the skin. Having said this, dead skin does not completely shed always. This sometimes leads to flaky skin, dry patches, and pores that are clogged. This is an issue people face and you will, therefore, need to treat it before it starts affecting your looks, your self-esteem or your skin’s health. To get the best cleaning of dead skin, exfoliation is the way to go to remove dead skin from the face using a tool called exfoliator. There are many forms of exfoliators that are chemical and not chemical.

Types of skin

Before you know how to remove dead skin cells from the face, it is important to first understand skin types. There are typically 5 skin types, including dry skin, combination skin type, oily skin, sensitive skin, and normal skin. Each of these skin types needs to be identified and treated accordingly and differently. How you can remove dead skin from your face instantly is different for the different skin types. If you are facing excess dead skin on your face then certainly getting it clearer or treated could be a priority, because they could lead to complications and as the title suggests prevention is always better than cure. A dermatologist can help you determine your skin type and can help you treat your issues with dead skin cells.

How to treat dead skin locally

Some basic things that you can do are wash your face regularly and ensure you remove all the makeup, dry your face and let it rest, after an hour or so, dab your face with a soft tissue to see the kind of skin you have. This is a way to understand and identify your skin type at home. The tissue will reveal the kind of skin you have. Once your skin type is identified, there are many options you can use to clear your skin and make it better.

Chemical Exfoliation

Chemical exfoliation is one of the most effective solutions you can use to say no to dead skin cells. It is an effective methodology that works and is effective. It may sound alarmist because it is “chemical”, however, it is not so. The following are some of the chemical exfoliation options that one can use: 

Mechanical Exfoliation

This is a method of physically removing the dead skin. It works best for normal and oily skin but is not suggested for sensitive or dry skin. Some methods are:

Overall, excess dead skin on the face is a problem everyone faces. You can choose the method to remove dead skin from the face, but you must ensure it gets done. How to remove dead skin cells from the face will and must be determined by the skin type. As much as you must determine how to remove dead skin from face instantly consult a dermatologist at Welona for the right kind of result. We study your skin and suggest the right kind of solution. We focus on the required solution, because as is the case with anything, better be safe than sorry.