Signs of Balding and Recovery Hacks
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An Overview

Everyone loves to look good, and the most prominent part that everyone in a society looks for is that lovely beautiful mane on your head. In most cultures, hair is a person’s pride, and in some beliefs, it is not encouraged even to cut it off. Our ancestors were known for their excellent and beautiful hair. It was mostly the genes. But, most importantly, it’s the care that was given in nourishing it and the quality of the environment around. Gone are the days when people followed typical conventional methods of washing and caring for hair. With time being an essence, we often forget and disconnect ourselves from roots – natural therapy.

We are all falling for false advertisements and marketing on expensive hair products. Besides, pollution, work stress, and mental stress are also reasons why people get succumbed to hair loss. Yes, improper nourishment can lead to immense hair fall or hair loss and can even result in balding.

Baldness is a partial or total loss of hair. It is also a part of hair thinning. It can happen on any part of the body, mostly the head. Balding or hair thinning causes psychological distress. It is also called hair-loss that has various reasons for it. It is necessary to know the reasons for it.

Here are the different types of hair loss:

Balding is ubiquitous these days. With growing technology and time crunch, people these days opt for hair loss treatment or hair baldness treatments. There are various reasons as to why baldness happens.

The most prominent ones being as follows:

Heredity – For most people, baldness is due to heredity. If your parents or immediate relatives have alopecia from a very young age, then you are likely to have it as well. Hair loss is predominantly because of genes. Heredity-pattern baldness is more like a natural condition and not a disease. These genes are in the X chromosome that is inherited from the mother. However, genes from the father can also contribute to hair loss which might eventually lead to balding.

Hormones – At times, it’s small chromosomes and its combination that might result in hormonal imbalance or a change over for a while. In both men and women, the hormone responsible for hair loss is dihydrotestosterone, also known as DTH, which is due to testosterone. For women, changes in hormones due to menopause can trigger hair loss. Pregnancy can also lead to substantial hair loss as hormones tend to change at that time for most women.

Medical conditions – Some severe medical conditions can also lead to balding and hair loss. Conditions such as thyroid, heart problems, depression, cancer, arthritis, and high blood pressure 

Supplements or a change in drugs – Some people take supplements. Supplements can be for gaining body mass or other reasons. Sudden consumption of supplements alters body hormones that in turn, result in hair loss or balding.

Radiation therapy – Battling with cancer in most cases require therapy sessions. This session uses radiation, also known as ass chemotherapy. Any such emissions kill hair growth follicles and stop hair growth permanently. 

Stress – Physical or psychological stress also leads to hair loss. Generally, people who start working out for bulking can see a sudden hair loss. Weight gain leads to a change in body hormones. Besides, mental distress and psychological problems like the sudden demise of a loved one, mental trauma due to any incidents or peer, family, and societal pressure, etc., can make the condition worse.

Frequent Hairstyling – With growing styles and versatility, women these days like exploring new hairstyles. Aggressive marketing from various brands mainly contributes to this. Following a celebrity style is also why women or men tend to experiment with their hairstyles. Such hairstyles often require styling tools that use excessive heat to tame hair to the desired style and shape. The heat from such tools kill hair growth cells and damages the delicate texture of good hair.

Age – Ageing is of the most fundamental reasons why one may start shedding hair. Humans tend to shed most of their body and hair on the head due to ageing. This is a natural process and is also at times governed by genes.

Diet – A sudden change in choice of diet can also impact hair growth.

Baldness or hair loss can be arrested in most cases when the right steps are taken at the right time. For this, it is vital to know the symptoms to identify the problem at the initial stages. Here are various signs that indicate baldness or hair loss:

Arresting baldness or hair loss is very important for many people. While some live with it, others find it very offending and psychologically more stressed. This can be because of peer pressure, society pressure or self-love. There are various ways in which hair loss is treated. The most effective method that has become popular in recent times is hair loss/ hair baldness treatment. Here’s all you have to know about it:

PRP Treatment – Most common hair loss treatments is PRP treatment or platelet-rich plasma treatment. PRP is a natural treatment in which the platelets that are rich in plasma is separated from the blood. It is later induced in the scalp. This regenerates hair growth cells.

Mesotherapy – This process is done by injecting nutrient boosters on the scalp to rejuvenate vitamins and proteins that are responsible for hair growth.

Hair Grafting – Another frequently used treatment by various baldness treatment centres is hair grafting or hair transplantation. This is done by taking the hair follicles that stimulate abundant hair growth and injecting it to the balding part through a surgical procedure.

Losing hair can be very painful and stressful. People often end up taking psychological stress, and this puts their morale down. Various hair loss treatments used advanced technology to treat this. Also, there are multiple baldness treatment clinics in Chennai that offer the best services. Pick the right one and ditch the hair loss problem today. Consult an experienced trichologist to get an opinion on your issue. Remember, self-medication is never advisable when things get too late. Also, there’s always a solution to any problem.