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Every person stresses over the problem of hair growth. Be it, men or women, both are concerned about how they look. Hair has become a beauty statement, and people have a perception that a person is good-looking only if she/he has beautiful hair. Hairfall is the biggest concern for anyone. We would not like to see a bunch of strands stuck to the comb or come off after a shower. Those who lose hair are getting artificial extensions to cover-up the loss while others prefer cosmetic treatments.

In either case, the motive is only to arrest hairfall. There is a common belief that at some places, metro water might not be suitable for hair wash. If you are noticing hairfall issues due to this, check on other alternatives. At any point in time of doubts, it is good to reach out a specialist in a hair clinic. Chennai has reputed hair clinics that provided various solutions to hairfall problems. 

When it is hair fall, a doc is your best friend. Conventional methods do treat hair loss effectively, but again, you need to have the patience to see the results. People need quick results and hence often opt for hair growth treatments. Here’s a list of various solutions that the best skin and hair clinics in Chennai offers.

  • Vitamins and supplements – One of the significant reasons for hairfall is an insufficient supply of vitamins and required nutrients that stimulate hair growth. Clinics might initially ask you to explore with vitamins as for most people, it suits. This can help generate faster hair growth and will also strengthen the hair follicles by providing necessary nutrients. But at times, some supplements might not suit your body. It is good to consult your doc on this and discuss any prior health issues.
  • PRP Hair treatment – PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is a treatment or procedure done to regenerate hair from its roots. The sole reason for hair strands to stand stronger is the platelets present in the blood. In this procedure, blood will be extracted, and the platelets that are healthy and rich are separated from the blood through the process of centrifugation. These platelets are then injected directly at the hair follicles which boosts the hair growth.
  • Dandruff treatment – Another reason why hair loss can happen is due to the lousy scalp. Flakes or spot dandruff can weaken the hair strands and make the scalp unhealthy too. It is vital to have a clean and healthy scalp for the healthy growth of hair. Dermatologists often suggest getting the dandruff treatment if you are prone to getting some due to dust.
  • Head Massage – A good flow of blood is essential to stimulate hair growth. A regular massage will give a good rub to the scalp that in turn works on the hair roots. This helps in faster growth of hair. It is often advisable to get the head massage done with some edible natural oils like coconut, almond, etc.
  • Hair Transplant – Another advanced treatment in the market is a hair transplant. This treatment is beneficial because it directly works on the hair follicles. Damaged hair follicles prevent hair growth. Under this process, healthy hair follicles from one body part – the donor site, is taken out to the bald site or the recipient site. This brings new follicles and generates hair growth. It is a surgical method of treating hair loss.
  • Growth Factor Therapy – Growth Factor Therapy uses human growth factors to help and enhance hair growth. This provides support and strengthens the hair follicles. It is done using micro-injections that are loaded with vitamins and nutrients that boost hair growth by arresting hairfall. This treatment gives an instant result in around eight to twelve weeks. Also, there are no side effects to this treatment.

These are the top among the many other solutions available to hair loss problem. Skincare specialists or dermatologists are the people whom you should reach out to when you see early signs of unnatural hairfall. While hairfall has numerous reasons, working on it to arrest the problem at the first step often helps. 

Seek expert advice in time of need. Also, make sure of having a good, healthy and balanced lifestyle. A night of good sleep is also said to be very important for a healthy body and mind. We have various skin and hair clinics in Chennai that offer the best results from their treatments. Before any of these treatments, the doctor first analyzes the health of your scalp and hair strands. So, it is first advisable to get proper consultation from a reputed clinic before you decide on the choice of treatment.